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May 29, 2012 09:29 AM

Collard Green Wraps - Question

Does anyone out there use collards as wraps? If so, do you steam them a bit first? Off gluten for the forseeable future and looking for alternatives! Thank you!!

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  1. I would blanch them first in plenty of boiling water, they'd be awfully tough otherwise.

    1. Under the heading of why didn't I think of that! Great question!

      Well I would heat up some water and dip the collards long enough to soften the tough middle but not too soft that they would tear. So hot dip, count a few seconds, then into a cold ice bath. Dry with air or paper towels and wrap!

      Now I'm off to buy collards! thanks!

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      1. re: HillJ

        You're going to need a lot longer than just a few seconds for collards.
        I've cooked collards for over an hour in boiling water and they still retained their "crunch".

        1. re: Novelli

          Oh I would want some crunch, I wouldn't like a flappy collard as a wrap.
          Just enough to be rollable.

      2. Would you consider kale instead? That may be less tough.

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        1. re: jmcarthur8

          that was going to be my suggestion too.

          also, bok choy leaves are great. slice off the bulbs, and add the sliced bulbs to your cooked filling, then roll in the long leaves!

        2. I use them as wraps a lot to cut out carbs. I don't blanch them first, but I cut out the middle thick stem. I suppose if they are particularly big, I might blanch them to soften the other veins, but it has worked great for me.

          1. I've used swiss chard leaves for dolmathes, they blanche quickly and are abundant in the summer