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May 29, 2012 09:19 AM

College Station.....

Where's some casual joints for burgers, BBQ, steaks, etc. for some young folks headed your way to Baseball Regional. Thanks.

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  1. How fun, the Chicken is a must for, ahem, refreshments (there's bar food, which is bar food, yk?) at Northgate.

    We like Fish Daddy's for casual/slightly upscale casual fish and tend to head there almost every trip, but truth be told, if I were sweaty and grungy after a day of watching baseball, I'd hit the Chicken for a few cold beers, a shower back at the hotel, and order pizza from Leaning Tower for delivery to my room.

    ETA: I spent years in NY and CT and feel comfortable judging NY style pizza, and Leaning Tower does a GREAT NY style pizza.

    Where's everyone coming in from? Is Texas a totally new experience, or just College Station?

    1. Not the same restaurant, just owned by the same people is the Chicken Oil Company in Bryan. When I used to live there one of the radio stations had a daily contest giving a free burger/fries/drink to the first caller when you would hear a chicken cluck during a three song play. Being a poor student I got a system down and won a free meal every week literally for one whole semester. Never had a bad meal once, and that includes the times we paid!