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May 29, 2012 09:06 AM

SF Dine About Town Recommendations?

Hello! I'm new to SF and have never tried Dine About Town anymore. Does anyone have any good recommendations for the new list? I was reading with threads of past DAT's and the recommendations seemed outdated since some of the menu items have changed. Any experts would like to help?

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  1. Usually DAT is not a great deal compared with ordering off the menu. The occasional exceptions are for expensive places, but skimming the list I see only one, Campton Place, and it's lunch only.

    I think the January DAT gets better participation since it's the slowest time of year for SF restaurants and they're happy for extra business.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Of the higher-end places, One Market has gotten consistently good reports for DAT. I agree that DAT is not usually a good deal (and is sometimes not as good as the regular menu).

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        After several ventures with DAT, I have to agree that it is not that great a deal. Most places trot out something that doesn't represent the real kitchen. Campton Place for lunch was a treat as I would never have gone there and the food was wonderful, but it seems to me that DAT has lost its luster.
        Just go for a place that you are interested in give it a go. I just would not limit myself with the DAT menu.

        1. re: budnball

          Yeah, I hit several DAT's at the higher end joints a few years back. The combination of seasonality and affordability/convenience ensured that most of these places had similar menus and an overabundance of creme brulee for dessert.

          I agree that the DAT food tends not to be representative of what the restaurants normally do. In terms of using it as an excuse to go to a place you can't normally afford, that makes sense if ambiance is a priority, but you're pretty much paying $35 + tax + tip + drink = $50+ for a substandard meal. If you're on the cheap, you might as well just stop in those places for an overpriced drink during the rest of the year, and follow it up with an affordable meal elsewhere.

          That all being said, if ambiance is a priority and you don't want bar/lounge seating, I've heard that Grandviews is normally overpriced and has lousy food, but has a great view of the city.