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May 29, 2012 09:05 AM

Gluten-free dining in Brooklyn- need recommendations

I'm looking for recommendations for a place to bring my brother and sister-in-law for dinner. They are on gluten-free diets. Place does not have to be vegan/vegetarian (preferably not.) Preference for location would be Windsor Terrace/Park Slope/Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill/Clinton Hill but willing to consider elsewhere. It does not have to be all gluten-free but have a good enough selection of gluten-free dishes.

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  1. I would suggest that first you start with the restaurants that look most appealing to you. I have CD and am very sensitive and I have yet to go to a restaurant and have a problem in the past 10 years. You may want to avoid the pizzerias and the BBQ places ( found a number of them that use soy sauce in marinades or sauces. Happy to weigh in once you narrow your choices.

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      Thanks- that makes sense. Good point about soy sauce- probably wouldn't have thought about that.

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        Hi, the other thing is to ask if the restaurant has gluten-free soy sauce - it is available and is great if you particularly want that soy flavour

      2. Just one small data point for you. I was at Strong Place not too long ago with a friend who has CD. Their menu is not extensive, but I was pleasantly surprised at how informed and understanding the staff was. The server ran into the kitchen to check if there was anything potentially dangerous in a couple of dishes. "Well, the <whatever> has some flour in it, so you can't have that, but x, y and z are fine." There was no eye-rolling or heavy sighing.

        You should check out Battersby in Carroll Gardens if your budget allows it. They do a lot of off-the-cuff tasting menus, so they'd probably do a great job and no one would feel deprived.

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          Thanks for the info. Is Strong Place the place right across from Cobble Hill Cinema that has no sign? Always wondered what that place was.

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            Yep. That's it. Their bar is beer and wine only, with smallish plates either for sharing or hogging all to yourself.

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            Your experience is exactly why I suggest that people pick a restaurant first and then ask about GF. My best meals have certainly not been from the GF only restaurants.

          3. Caselnova on the Columbia Waterfront district has many gluten free options.

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              Thanks- will keep that in mind for next time. Already have rezzies at Scottodito Osteria Tuscana in Park Slope.

            2. Fornino has a wide selection of gluten-free items, including pizzas and pastas. They are very keen on helping their gluten-sensitive guests enjoy their experience.

              1. Hi-- for future reference: Bogota on 5th has many GF options noted on the regular menu, which I appreciated. If your brother and sister-in-law are strict in their gluten-freeness, they will be happy to see that dedicated deep fryers are used for GF items.