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May 29, 2012 08:38 AM

Birthday dinner for my 15 year old daughter in Phila or New Hope area

Looking for someplace "hip and trendy" (her words!) for a family birthday Philadelphia, New Hope or somewhere in Bucks - we live in Yardley. We are all adventurous eaters. Have done Distrito, Pod, El Vez, Opa - looking for some ambiance and good food. Thoughts?

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  1. Anne... I am not sure what trendy is for a 15 year old......... but a few options to consider:

    In Doylestown, Honey. Ambience is nice, but the food is really spectacular. Have your daughter take a look at the menu and see whether it strikes her fancy.

    In Philadelphia, Osteria the pizzas are very good as are the antipasti and the pasta. For tapas, you might consider Jamonera, Amada, Tinto or even Bar Ferdinand. If you go to Amada you could even consider ordering the suckling pig.

    If you are also into meat, you could go to Horsham to Na Brasa, a brazilian steakhouse. You have other brazilian steakhouse options in CC at Fogo de Chao or even Northeast Philadelphia, Picana.

    For a different Mexican experience in the suburbs Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington is nice, or Calaca Feliz in Fairmount. The latter is really stunning in the way they have painted murals on the walls and has a nice courtyard to eat in. These will be similar to Distrito (the chef worked at Distrito).

    One other great restaurant to consider is Veg (sort of the anti fogo de chao). It is getting rave reviews and with all the fresh produce available it will both be trendy and nutritious.

    Hope you find something fun and your daughter has a wonderful celebration.

    1. Hmmm, Trendy in the New Hope area, maybe Triumph Brewery. If you don't mind going to Willow Grove, I would recommend Mad Mex. And there is also Cheesecake Factory.

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        Triumph Brewery is not a bad suggestion. They have remade their menu and they have a whole section of it featuring local ingredients. On weekends after 9pm the place turns into a nightclub and feels like a meat market. Actually would suggest Sprig and Vine over Triumph if you want inventive cooking......

      2. there was a recent article about Blue Moose in New Hope. The chef and all the staff are all young and it definitely sounds hip.

        There are positive reviews on tripadvisor, I hope some chowhounds can check it out. I have plans to go with a group next week.

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