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Pizza Vito in Timberlyne Center in Chapel Hill

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Haven't been over to Timberlyne since J&J closed but was there for a movie yesterday and noticed a place called Pizza Vito which is apparently a franchise started by an Italian Expat that came to Chapel Hill sometime ago. Anyone know or remember any former places? Is this place new? Seems like it has a good lunch deal.


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  1. A lot of people like Bella Mia in Cary if you haven't been to it yet. It just depends on what you want. Most people don't want a saggy crust but a nice crisp and charred crust that isn't totally cracker thin but also isn't pan thick.

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      I recommend Italian Pizzaria III in Chapel HIll for a NY type excellent pizza. They make their own sauce, and I just had their home-made mushroom ravioli, really delicious. The basil in it was grown in their own garden. This place is my red-sauce find, their cannoli is home-made too. If you're a fan of neopolitan food this is it.

    2. I've had lunch there twice in the last month or so.

      Bottom line: good but not great.

      The first time I went, the slices were very fresh. The crust was a little different, almost short and crumbly, possibly because of cornmeal in the dough? It was very pleasant, but not the sort of crust you get from a brick oven in New Haven or Florence. The toppings were very generous and fresh. I liked their mozzarella, which was a bit creamier than the run of the mill pre-shredded stuff.

      The second time I went, it was fairly clear to me that the slices had been sitting around a while. The crust was not as nice coming out of the reheat. Toppings were still good though.

      I also had a caesar salad both time. The dressing was good - I could taste the anchovies - but there was too much of it. I should have asked for it on the side. Very high quality for a strip-mall pizza joint.

      I can make better pizza at home, but the time and effort involved mean that Pizza Vito is a pretty good alternative. I give Alfredo's the highest marks in Chapel Hill, mainly for his crust. Vito is only 5 minutes from my house, however, so they'll get business from me in the future, assuming the diminution in quality from first visit to second doesn't continue.