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May 29, 2012 07:56 AM

Group dining around nyu

Hi all. We're looking for suggestions for inexpensive, any ethnicity spot for a mid sized group to dine post a gallery opening convenient to grey gallery around nyu on thurs night. The problem is I won't know the size of group but I'm assuming 10-15 people. I have been tasked to make arrangements by my son tho I've pointed out to him that I'm from out of town, he's the local, but it's his opening and he's too stressed to deal with it. Help!

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  1. I don't know where Grey Gallery is, but I'll act on the assumption that it's either by Washington Sq. Park or in or near Tisch in the East Village.

    Grand Sichuan is possible, if they're not too busy. If you're willing to go down to Congee Bowery/Congee Village, they will probably be able to accommodate you. And that's where I start to draw a blank. Maybe Nomad (not NoMad, but the North African restaurant on 2nd Av. between 4th and 5th).

    In a pinch, you could call Supper, but I don't think they'll be cheap for that large a group, and they might even charge a $75 prix fixe, which is at least $40 over their usually price for an a la carte meal.

    1. Murphy & Gonzalez is about two blocks away, and it shouldn't be too crazy early-ish on a Thursday evening in the summer. It's a pub with (as the name suggests) Mexican food in addition to the usual burgers & such. It's a good place to assemble if you're not quite sure how many you'll be - there's a lot of room to mill around. The food won't blow you away, but it's perfectly fine, and reasonably priced.

      If this is your son's thesis show, congrats to him. 20ish years ago (good lord), my best friend actually made a sale at hers! To my mother.