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May 29, 2012 07:39 AM

Crab cakes/soft shell crab along I-95?

We'll be driving north from Atlanta area. We're taking I-95 and I'm hoping to stop for crab cakes or awesome soft-shell crabs in Maryland on our way. Nothing fancy, we'll have our dog in the car - just somewhere we can maybe sit outside or grab something to go. Any recommendations?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Gunnings is on Route 100, a few miles east of Rt 95. Decent crab cakes, easy to get to. There's not really any place to sit outside that I can think of; maybe there's a nearby park where you can eat while the dog stretches his/her legs!

    1. Be advised that Maryland has a law against leaving animals in cars in "unhealthful" situations, even with the windows open and it has been pretty hot already this year. It only has to be about 70-75 degrees for the temperature in a closed car to reach dangerous levels. So you really are best advised to find a place with outdoor dining. I am also guessing you don't want to go too far off I-95.

      So try the Quarterdeck in Arlington. Not the greatest, but well above decent and has a patio.

      I'd call ahead to be sure the dog is welcome on the patio. The other place w/ outdoor space is Cantler's but that's way off the I-95 path and always has an incredibly long line after say 3 p.m.

      1. Okay- I'm certain that I won't have any other Chowhounder agree with me on this one recommendation. At the I-695/I-95 North corridor--take the Washington Boulevard exit and stop in at Gianni's Italian Bistro/angry Mallet. It is less then a mile from the I-95 north entrance. They have outdoor tables (nothing fancy--near a Home Depot and parking lot). BUT--your pooch could sit outdoors with or without you (please don't keep your "Baby" in the car during this time of year. The owners of this restaurant would surely help you with regards to your pooch (Greg is the owner and will accommodate you and the Pooch).

        With regards to your initial request. The BEST SOFT SHELL CRABS. Two huge perfectly fried soft shell crabs. OMG they are the best. (I hate to say this, but don't recommend the crabcakes). The restaurant offers very good shrimp salad, Italian oriented cusisine (Veal francaise-great huge subs--size isn't the factor, but the quality shines through and salads--Chicken Arancini is a real winner). Crab Imperial (much better then any crabcake). Good coleslaw, pickled beets, and I love their "creamed cucumbers" (just sliced cucumbers in sourcream sweetened "sauce"). Hope you get the chance and make the decision to stop by there. Sometimes there is even entertainment with singer's, etc. Quite a fun, casual place and I feel certain that your Pet will be accomodated. FoiGras