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May 29, 2012 07:14 AM

East Texas Lunch Stop

We're driving from Austin to Caddo Lake on Friday, and we're looking for a good lunch stop. We're flexible on routing, so anything between Waco & Tyler is good.

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  1. Country Tavern, in Kilgore, has very, very good ribs.

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    1. re: Mike C. Miller

      Yes, they are good. But they aren't cheap and I could have eaten three orders of them. Plus, we didn't get a menu (don't know if it always is like that) so we never knew how much we were throwing down for the meal until the check arrived.

      I used to frequent Heitmiller Steakhouse in Waco whenever I passed through. I've only ordered the fillet each time and it's always been outstanding. But it's been over a year since I've eaten there and it seems like they get nothing but bad reviews anymore so YMMV.
      If you want to head through Snook, here's the place to go. Chicken-fried bacon!

      1. re: Choderus

        That's one problem with ribs. I've never gotten full eating them. One day I intend to go to a really good rib place with a few hundred dollars in my pocket and just eat until I'm full. But filling up with ribs may be like getting your fill of good peaches or good tomatoes -- might near impossible.

        They actually do have menus somewhere at Country Tavern, I've heard. But everybody just walks in, orders the large ribs and never bothers with the menu. I've been eating there for about 30 years and have yet to see a menu. But if you ask, I'd imagine the waitresses can tell you off the top of their head the price of the large order of ribs. They're bound to write it down hundreds of times a day.

        As for the chicken fried bacon in Snook, I've always wanted to try it, but have never had occasion to be passing through during meal time. Has anyone actually tried it? After seeing the generous size of the inhabitants of Snook (Snookers, Snookvillieans, Snookies??) seen in the video, hell, they make me look healthy!!!

        1. re: Mike C. Miller

          I have been to Snook just to try the bacon. It was good, but not something to eat regularly, esp if you have a chicken fried steak chaser!

    2. We did find a winner, on the recommendation of a friend: KT's Sea Food Grill in Rusk. Excellent fried fish, shrimp, & crawfish.