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May 29, 2012 07:07 AM

Vita Mix Recipes

Okay, so I am on the fence about getting a Vita Mix, and I'd love to know what recipes you use it for. I don't make a ton of smoothies, and not particularly into juicing. What are your favorite Vita Mix dishes? Please convince me to splurge!!!

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  1. If you enjoy pureed soups, nothing does it better than a VitaMix. Start with a good broth (homemade or not), add whatever veggie you're in the mood for. Puree on high until hot, and you have the most wonderfully smooth, flavourful soup.

    I usually like to start with a base of roasted or slow sauteed shallots, onions or garlic (or some combination of these), and a roasted veggie (particularly love roasted tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli or cauliflower). Toss those in with a broth of your choice, and you're done. If you like a chunkier soup, hold back a quarter of the veggies, and once your soup is pureed and hot, toss in the remaining veggies and do a few quick pulses to chop them up, but not pulverize them.

    And if you don't want to wait for you soup to heat up in the VitaMix itself, it takes less than a minute to get an incredibly smooth texure. You can store the soup, or heat it up on the stove. Sometimes I'll make the puree extra thick by keeping the broth to a minimum, and freeze it in 1 or 2-cup containers. Then when I want soup, I thaw a container, heat it up on the stove and add an equal amount of broth to thin it out to soup consistency. The soup takes up a lot less freezer space that way.

    Making instant sorbets is also a favorite thing. Freeze chunks of fruit separately in the freezer, and store them in big freezer bags. Whenever you feel like some sorbet or gelato, toss a bunch of the frozen fruit into the blender, add just a bit of liquid of your choice, and blend away. You'll need to use the tamper to push the frozen fruit into the blades, but shortly you'll have a creamy sorbet or gelato. You do have to be careful and avoid strawberries, as they freeze too hard to make sorbet, unless you let them thaw about half way before blending.

    And maybe you don't like smoothies, but it's summer time and VitaMixes are ideal for whipping up boozy frozen drinks. :) I particularly like champagne and watermelon slushies.

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      Thanks! I'm not sure soups and sorbet can justify the splurge for me - I'll have to think about it a little more. And I've never been one for frozen liquor drinks, although I admit that watermelon and champagne sounds delicious!! I really appreciate the helpful comments you gave!

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        I did salsa in ours over the weekend. Smoked some tomatos then into the blender with jalapenos, onion, and cilantro. Quickest salsa I've ever made, very uniform consistency.

        I do salsa verde as well. Tossing in tomatillos, onions and grilled peppers with a minimum of chopping and prep.

        It's a pricey gadget, but incredibly effective for all kinds of operations beyond soup. You can also add ingredients in stages, starting with a highly blended base, then pulsing additional ingredents to create a chunkier consistency.

        1. re: laststandchili

          Thanks for this! I do love salsa verde and have also been thinking it would probably work well for pestos and breadcrumbs which I use a lot of. Also, seems like clean up is much easier than the cuisinart, which would be good for my husband!! :) I have my eye on the 750 model at Williams Sonoma, but it's pretty pricey at $650!

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            My wife scored ours from QVC, I think the total was about $420. No idea how that whole process works.

            Clean up is much, much friendlier. Our food processor has been gathering dust since the VM arrived.

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              If you have a SAMs near by you might want to check out the dash chef series or you can see it on line. I've used both and think it works just as good or better. It haves the same 7year warranty with options to double it.
              The best part the cost was about $150

      2. I love my VitaMix and use it nearly daily. My favourite things to do are smoothies, soups, sorbet and grinding nuts for flours. Oh, and making delicious almond milk to use in recipes.

        In the past smoothies were not my thing but now they certainly are. My VM changed that. I make mine so thick it is actually more like soft ice cream using milk or coconut milk, lots of frozen fruit, a touch of agave syrup as it blends nicely and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Technically not smoothies I suppose.

        It is also fantastic for making shaved/crushed ice in no time.

        As already mentioned, clean up is very easy which can also be important.

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          Yeah, I never had smoothies either till the VitaMix; now I have them nearly every day.

        2. Just ordered a Vitamix Creations II from QVC but it hasn't arrived yet. It is suppose to come with a cookbook with hundreds of recipes. Coffee Fraps, and fruit smoothies will probably be what it is most used for. Heating soup looks interesting, but I think just blending it and then heating in the microwave would be easier on the motor.

          The blade speed is suppose to be variable from 11 mph to 230 mph. The slow speed would let you do cakes, batters, etc. I will try that and see.

          1. I don't use our VitaMix much anymore, but I wanted to share an anecdote. In the post-WWII era, my father had a great friend, "Papa" Barnard, who I believe was the VitaMix founder. They used to fly to midwestern cities to plug the blender and got around on a fold-up scooter that fit in their small plane. The image of two big men, well over 200 lb. each, scooting down the main streets of various metropoli on that ridicuously small vehicle carrying VitaMixes in their backpacks has stayed with me for over 50 years (and so has our inherited Vita Mix).

            1. Well, my vintage Vita Mix ordered from ebay is scheduled to arrive today, so I thought I'd bump up this thread and see if anyone else wants to chime in. Great ideas so far!