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Favorite Store-Bought Cheesecake?

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Now, when it's still fresh in your mind, can you please rate/review any store-bought cheesecakes
that you had over Shavuos.
I decided to be lazy, and forgo my home-made blender sour cream cheesecake, with sour cream topping, for the tempting-looking Costco version. Though, imho, it was o.k., it didn't really have the flavor and texture that I was looking for.

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  1. My favorite is Eli's Cheesecake - http://www.elicheesecake.com/ - they are under CRC supervision and provide a wide variety of flavors-

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      Right before Shabbos pomegranate had buyone get one free cream cheese cheesecakes-they were the best we've ever had!!!! They went crazy before closing with both meat and dairy take out as well due to the" three day yomtov"!!!!!

    2. Costco, $12.99 for an absolutely heavenly five(5) pound monster! There is no comparison.