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May 29, 2012 05:35 AM

One day only...

Unfortunately I have only 1 day in Seattle where I can eat what I want. I was last here in 2006 or 2007 when I ate at Lark, The Harvest Vine, Cafe Juanita, and the now closed restaurants Lampreia and Mistral Restaurant. All meals were excellent. I also remember great baked goods from Macrina Bakery. I'm coming back for a couple of days but I'm only free to eat where I want on a Saturday with breakfast, lunch and dinner open and then maybe a breakfast on Sunday.

This is the list I am working with for this brief trip:

Sitka and Spruce
Art of the Table
The Walrus and the Carpenter

Café Besalu
Salumi Cured Meats

How would you recommend I do up this super brief trip. I dont mind taking a cab or even renting a car for the trip. Price doesn't matter. I'm I've not seeking a particular experience. I just want great food of whatever cuisine.

Thanks for the input.


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  1. Salumi is closed on weekends, but you can find some of their products in retail locations. You could come up to Ballard on Saturday morning early for a croissant at Besalu, after that you'd be close to Paseo (opens at 11) and Walrus and the Carpenter (opens at 4). Art of the Table is the next neighborhood over in Wallingford, I've never been so I can't comment.

    Spinasse is amazing, I loved my meal there. The the owner of the now closed Lampreia now helms Bisato, in Belltown, and Mistral has been reincarnated as Mistral Kitchen.

    1. cafe besalu and a walk at the locks gardens and fish-viewing-ladder
      Mosey on to Golden Gardens at Shilshole Marina and share some flavors at Paseo there.
      Heading back inland, all of Ballard is there, and Fremont beyond. See Lenin and the Troll enroute to Art of the Table. The zoo is near, too, and Fisherman's Terminal. Pickled Herring from Fresh Fish Company (and Cascioppo Brothers sausages). Go to the zoo with Tallgrass bread and light a grill for the fish. Full Tilt Ube ice cream and a nightcap at Golden Beetle and pack it in. Next morning, Bakery Nouveau 4737 California Ave SW - twice baked almond croissant

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          A great post indeed. Let me offer a central/southern alternative:

          Buy pastries and bread from Columbia City bakery (rivals Besalu IMHO), coffee from Empire. Weather permitting, walk around Seward Park and view Mt. Rainier. With bread in hand, get Salumi goods and cheese, etc. from DeLaurenti, picnic at Volunteer Park/Asian Art Museum or Olympic Sculpture Park. Happy hour oysters/snacks at Mistral Kitchen; stay for dinner there or go to Spinasse. -Or- oysters at Ferdnand or Taylor Shellfish and dinner at Sitka and Spruce. Cocktails at Canon. Sunday: Brunch at Sitka Spruce (if necessary)

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            Thanks for the recommendations as well.

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              Clearly you just have to move here...

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                yeah dont get me started on that. after living in ny for 29 yrs i moved to detroit for work reasons a year ago. and i wanna leave. badly. the only good stuff to eat within a couple hours of driving are burgers, arabic food and izakaya style japanese food.