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May 29, 2012 03:59 AM

Razor clams and seafood in HK


I will be in HK for 3 days and would love to find good seafood place where they have razor clams and other variety of clams. Any suggestions?
what about Loaf on at Sai kung? or should i go to rainbow one?

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  1. For quality of food and selection, I would pick Loaf On over Rainbow ( since you can buy your seafood from 'seafood mongers and/or fisherman' and take them to the restaurant for preparation). However, a ferry trip to Rainbow does provide a 'sense of adventure'.
    Before making such a long trip out, I would first give a seafood restaurant like Xin Dan Ji in Jordan a call ( tel: 2388 6020 ) to check avaalbility. Might save you a trip and their cooking is pretty good.
    Another choice is to visit the night market in Temple Street, Jordan. Most seafood Hawker 'hole-in-the-wall' places should feature them!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      There's a fishing village (and fish farms) at Po Toi O 布袋澳 in Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung. Seafood Island 海鮮島海鮮酒家 is probably the most famous one in the area, specializing in squid dishes (including squid sashimi), and some reports online show they had razor clams before. Some locals prefer 發記 (Fat Kee) nearby which does not take reservations. Probably less tourist friendly? I wonder how's Lau Fau Shan these days for seafood.

      Is there a Chinese website that lists all the known catches off the South China Seas and HK fish and seafood by name, nomenclature, and when they are in season?

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Agree with Charles. If you want to combine a trip out to Lamma or Sai Kung with seafood then cool. But I was walking through Temple Street the other night and the plastic-chair restaurants were brimming with fresh seafood. Aside from razor clams I saw at least two other sorts of clams (large manilas and also some small ones I don't know the name of - not like littlenecks). The spicy crab people were eating looked great too. Beware -- local-style clam dishes are often overloaded with garlic.

        Good thing about doing seafood in Temple Street area is you can grab a nice steamed dessert afterwards like at Australia Dairy Company (ignore the name, nothing to do with Australia, it's VERY local Chinese):

        1. re: p0lst3r

          Thank you all for your suggestions, one more question though. What do you think of my choice of having dim sum at Fook lam moon ( I prefer traditional dim sum) and I think having dinner at either Lung King Heen or Yan toh Heen. Which one I should go for nice traditional steamed fish?

          1. re: pearypearypear

            FLM for traditional Dim Sum - Great choice!!! One of my favourite in town!

            Though LKH is a 3*, however, for dinner, IMO its way over-rated. YTH has similar calibre food! So its a toss up. However, I prefer the view from YTH.

            As for steamed fish, ALL good Cantonese restaurants will offer this dish. Again, a toss-up between LKH and YTH. However, I would still like to go back to my original recommendation of Xin Dan Ji. They replenish live fish every morning and put them in one of the largest restaurant fish tank in town! ( see photo ). Choices are incredible BUT VERY EXPENSIVE!!! Be prepare to dish out 4 figures HK$ for the ocean ones!! Another good choice would be the 2* Ming Court.

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Thank you Charles, I deffinitely will try Xin Dan Ji!!

              1. re: pearypearypear

                You should have a great time!! Enjoy!!
                A piece of advise! Do check the 'market price' of the species of fish you order and enquire about the weight! The price can vary a lot even within the Garoupa family!
                BTW, this 'seafood' place is also famous for 'Roast suckling piglet' and 'Sweet and sour pork'!!...of all things!!

                1. re: pearypearypear

                  BTW, where about will you be staying?! If on the Island side, you can try out 'The Manor' for seafood as well. This has been a go-to place for Hong Kong foodies for good traditional Cantonese fare with emphasis on seafood and B-B-Q meats!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    Hi Charles,

                    Just got back from HK, Love Xin Dan Ji , their razor clams are so good!
                    Went to Fook Lam moon, it was ok for me , but I was expecting more. Maybe their dimsum portions are too big for my tast. LKH was fully booked so I went to Man wah for dim sum instead and loving it. I think Man wah dim sum portion is the right size for me and overall experience is superb!

                    Anyway thank you so much for recommending Xin dan Ji, definitely will go back the next time in HK.

                    1. re: pearypearypear

                      So glad you loved it! The seafood display are quite awesome?! Right?! So, besides the clams, what did you have?!

                      1. re: pearypearypear

                        I'm so glad you had a lovely time!! Phew!!! The seafood tank and selection at the entrance was quite impressive?! No?! Apart from the Razor Clams, what else did you order?
                        Man Wah was very often overlooked. However, the combination of good food and view should make it a more than worthy alternate to the over-rated Lung King Heen!
                        Once again, happy to help!!

          2. By razor clam, are we talking about those long and thin ones that look like the attached? I heard two different names for them, but one was "doe-heen" (knife clam)

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            1. re: Jon914

              Or growing up in Queensland we'd call them (the shell at least) "Chinaman's Fingernails".

              They are so good though - not sure why it wasn't part of the Australian cuisine as you'd see the shells everywhere on the beach.

              In HK, popular with rice vermicelli and garlic on top but my favourite is the black beans and chilli (both pictured).

              1. re: p0lst3r

                The shells are all over the beaches in Maine, too, but no one eats them! I've heard that researchers are looking at ways to farm them for export.

              2. re: Jon914

                Yes, doe heen are Atlantic razor clams but the proper Chinese name for them is 蟶子. "Knife clam" is probably a clever street/market name for it. These are called mategai in Japan マテガイ or 馬蛤貝、馬刀貝 in kanji.

                Kind of like how the humpback grouper is called "mouse grouper" in Cantonese, but the latter is not a scientific or common name, just a localized naming the HK people gave it.

                1. re: K K

                  Interesting to hear that they can be "found" in Maine straight off the beaches. They really are delicious in the black bean chili prep I had at Sai Kung (that's the picture I attached). I wish they could be served over here in the SF Bay Area.

                  1. re: Jon914

                    Silver House in San Mateo used to get them occasionally as a white board special item, and they typically serve it parboiled with a jalapeno enhanced soy based dipping sauce, or you could get it steamed with black beans, but I have yet to encounter it again there in the last 10 visits...sad.

                    1. re: K K

                      Ah, that's a shame.

                      I remember them being pretty good for guai fay pong too.