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*** ~ World's First Golden Ranking Of Foods For Easy, Great Cooking -- Last Meal ~ ***

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n.b. not enough superlatives :)

hello people,
first I'll like to thank you for contributing. you are wonderful :) be happy :)
second, this is my last meal in admiration to any food-related topics mainly thanks to my tummy being full. so this is a gift to you :) be happy :)

wordy preface: so it's 100% clear that due to a wide range of factors across the spectrum, purchasing food items (semi)-prepared is the default way to go. given this, the ranking is mainly for the vast majority of the world population, and not for career chef and related (who likely got into that career because they take pleasure out of that kind of labor employment.....) so anyway let's get on with the rankings, all respective of order --

possible to procure wholesome --
~most vegatables, some fruits
~pearl onions, peeled cloves, peeled potatoes, peeled anything

always procure (semi)-prepared --
~all nonpre-cut/sliced/cubed meats like pastrami, pancetta, sausage, whole HAM/turkey....
~all bakery/dough/pastry like Croissants
~all skinless fishys
~all sauces/purée/paste like tomato sauce, peanut butter, demi glace, ketchup, mayo, curry, ETC.
~most desserts like macaron and anything you can call "meringue cookies"
~some mixes
~some fruits like pineapple, jackfruit, dried fruits, pumpkins and related
~ canned beans
~ frozen/jarred/shredded garlic, onion, ginger, spices, etc. cubes from reputable producers
~ cheese,
~ all too-much-effort recipes like cole slaw, frozen roasted corn, mirepoix

items are mainly from:

signifianct conclusions & lessons learnt:
* eating out can defintely worthwhile for certain recipes like turducken, aspic, escargot, real non-usa fondue from switzerland, lettuce opium, etc. -- better go eat some of that in the new place!

closing notes: I am flying this week!!! So happy! :) Feel free to send me prepackaged nytimes.com/2011/10/30/magazine/recipe-eleven-madison-park-granola.html as donations. I live @ the girl scouts + pluto. You're welcome to humour and deliberate the rankings amongst yourself. Pleasant day :) Eat lots of food and make the world better :) Be happy :)

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  1. This is incredibly confusing. I don't really understand what you are getting at. Anyone else?

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    1. Is there a translator for this?

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        1. I think the OP intends this thread to somehow summarize the findings of another thread, found here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/837040 At the end, over objections of others, s/he states her intention to post findings to another thread, i.e. this one.

          I don't understand it either.

          1. The original comment has been removed