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May 28, 2012 11:46 PM

Linzer cookie [Garibaldi biscuits / raisin biscuits]

I grew up in Mill Valley in the 1960,s after school I would walk across the street to Safeway and buy what I think was a Linzer bar,
it was a flat longish raisinfilled type cracker it looked like a Linzer bar. are they still available any history on them ?

thanks John

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  1. You mean Garibaldi biscuits / raisin biscuits? I bought some at Berkeley Bowl a few years ago.

    Linzer cookies are round, filled with jam, and topped with powdered sugar.

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    1. Garibaldi raisin biscuits are available at the VT Country store in Vermont. They are 6 pkgs for about $18.25. Google Vermont Country Store, there are 4 locations in Vermont and have all kinds of yesteryear things. Roz

      PS - Linzers Torts are2 round cookies filled with a red jam - maybe raspberry - the top one has a round cutout on the top. They are available at the Vermont Country Store too, but are at their best in restaurants or out of your oven.

      1. I've heard them also referred to as Sunshine Golden Biscuits. I occasionally make a homemade version at Pizzaiolo.