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May 28, 2012 11:42 PM

Mystery Diner. 100% faked, i'll tell you why.

While watching the german restaurant ep, I was pretty suspicious, for some of the reasons other people have mentioned:

1. "Hey, let's go to that bar we always go to after work!" What, you don't know what it's called? ...or maybe you can't say because you're not allowed because you're an actor.

2. Horrible acting (which you expect from the owners because they KNOW they're on camera) but the people (waitresses, manager, etc) who supposedly didn't know were very not good.

...but here's what really stuck out to me.

I worked for an Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship for 8 years. You want to take a guess at one thing I NEVER heard any of our salesmen or delivery guys refer to themselves as?

"I'm the new supply guy."

Really? No. I'm sorry. I could have bought "I'm the new beer guy," or "I'm the new [distributor company name] guy," or EVEN "I'm the new [beer brewery or brand name] guy."

If this was a REAL show, they would have said "I'm the new beer guy from BEEEEEEEEP distributing."

As soon as the mystery diner said that and Gunnar the "manager" didn't even blink an eye, I was out.

You need to understand that suppliers, be it a beer distributor or food distributor, create relationships with the managers and owners of their customers. I used to go on sales calls with our salesmen and they knew every manager by name and every manager knew who they were, what they sold and who they worked for. There's just no way any manager would accept "supply guy" without a question or a "what the f**k does that mean?"

This was a 100% scripted show with actors all around. Not that great of one, either.

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  1. totally agree, as I have been in the service business for over 30 years. Like when the one waitress is eating off plates and drinking out of other glasses, such bad acting.

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    1. re: vlcal61

      It happens. It has happened in a bunch of restaurants I worked at. Dishwashers do it to. Open your eyes!

      1. re: Kissdacook83

        I am a former dishwasher(retired),and I will tell you,I have never ate off someone else's plate.For one thing,I didn't really know who they were,and I didn't want to catch anything,if they were sick. And another thing,I was able to eat anything I wanted(except expensive foods). The bosses would take out for lunch(or dinner),even if I didn't eat at all.

        1. re: Kissdacook83

          Ya people do these things. Thats not the issue. THE SHOW IS FAKEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. My question is, when the person who is screwing up gets confronted, it's all on camera and it gets put on the air. Don't you need someone's permission to air their face? Who would voluntarily allow themselves to be seen on TV as a dishonest jerk if it was real?

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        1. re: sandylc

          I'm sure the producers get releases from the owner and staff well in advance. Of course this gives the diner warning and time to clean up its act, and I'd be highly suspicious if everybody was really taken by surprise by them. If I watched this show, which I don't.

          In another thread it's said that at least one of the episodes is a reenactment, not "reality" after all. ( That sounds plausible but it demolishes the whole premise of the show.

          1. re: John Francis

            Ah hah!!! That explains the really bad acting.

            1. re: John Francis

              That's fine and dandy, but the show doesn't mention "re-enactment," it makes it out to be a real account.

              That's crappy and dishonest tv.

            2. re: sandylc

              They may offer compensation or indemnity from prosecution for the release.

              Adam Corola catch a contractor tells the crooks they will prosecute if they do not make good

              1. re: phantomdoc

                phantomdoc--That would explain a lot. The bad acting is bad because they aren't really actors. It looks just like a bunch of idiots doing stupid things. There was so much theft and I couldn't understand why the police were not called if they really stole a bunch of food or beverages. I've only heard that threat once. The producers would not want to invest very much money into episodes unless they were sure they could publish. So it figures that somewhere (maybe when the application for the show first showed up) that they had them sign something that had small print. And then extra leverage could be added by bringing in a threat of legal action. I also wondered why the idiots never thought about the fact they were stealing and could end up in jail. I still think most of them were real. Just my opinion. Maybe parts were reinacted like the supply person not saying the right thing. I know they need to keep companies names quiet.

            3. I'm not familiar with this show, but Gordon Ramsey did an episode on a customer of mine (I was a food distributor sales rep) and it was totally fake. It was a father and son, in real life the father/manager was an ex-cop and very nasty and tough, while his son the chef was a sweetheart. In the show it was the other way around, poor dad getting beat up (figuratively) by his son, the monster. And showing food that was almost rotting, that chef would NEVER have anything like that in his kitchen, he was a true pro. Totally staged. No biggie, it's just entertainment I guess.

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              1. re: coll

                Too bad, because this type of show just won't go away.

                1. re: sandylc

                  Oh, it can indeed go away, sandylc.

                  Ramsey used to do these shows here in the UK - but we've managed to export him to America and we don't get the crap any more.

                  1. re: Harters

                    What country can we send ALL of our "reality" programs to, please?

                    1. re: sandylc

                      Unfortunately, several of our cable channels already have them on an endless loop.

                      Some ya win. Some ya don't :-0

                2. Not quite the same show, but here's a rundown of the fakery at Restaurant Stakeout, a similar show:


                  Only remembered it because it was linked in another RB post I linked to earlier. Not meaning to pimp the site.

                  1. They've been advertising this show as a "new series" despite the fact that it already was shown on the network over the summer. I didn't watch the whole show tonight as I was catching up on another show that I had on my DVR. When that was over, I wound up at the "confrontation" part of the episode where the "cook/manager" is running a catering business out of the kitchen at the owner's expense.

                    The first time this series ran, they showed the owners what was up in a small trailer that was filled with televisions showing every angle of the restaurant in question. Confrontations occurred in and around the trailer and the "culprits" stormed out of that over and over again so I know what it looks like.

                    From what I've seen tonight, they have actually re-shot at least the dramatic "confrontation" scenes. The same conversations take place out on the restaurant floor. THE END. That's all we need to know that this is a totally fake show.