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May 28, 2012 11:06 PM

Earthen- What else to order beyond scallion pancakes and house chicken?

In Hacienda Height's Earthern restaurant, what else should one order other than their scallion pancakes and cold house chicken?

On Yelp, the scallion pancakes, house chicken, and the beef noodle soup were the three most recommended dishes. The scallion pancakes and house chicken were as good as advertised, with the scallion pancakes probably one of the best scallion pancakes I've tried.

But, the beef noodle soup really fell flat despite the Yelp recommendations- the broth lacked flavor and depth and the temperature was only luke-warm. Is Earthern another one of those restaurants where the appetizers far surpasses the main courses, or are there any other dishes that are still pretty good, just not as good, as the pancakes and chicken?

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  1. I remember their potstickers being exemplary. Great caramelization on the bottoms, nice and juicy on the inside, but not overly greasy.

    But I have also been disappointed in their other dishes. I ordered a simple veggie and tofu dish, and the sauce was overly dark and heavy - too much corn starch. And they used dried shiitakes, which is fine, but they weren't reconstituted well.

    It's a shame that their other dishes aren't that great, but I'm still perfectly happy to drop in for the scallion pancakes, house chicken, and potstickers! :)

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      Is it too late to edit my post? I just realized I misspelled the name of the restaurant.

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        Elmo Monster's posts here (and his blog) cover most of the interesting, chow worthy places in OC. Here is his Eathen review with photos:

        If you email or report your own post using the report button to the mod's they will correct the spelling of the restaurants name for you.

    2. It's not going to rock your world -- and it really is the epitome of comfort food for me -- but the egg drop beef rice really hits the spot.

      1. I really like the pork fried dumplings and the boiled fish dumplings. Also, the beef roll is solid.

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          They have a beef roll on the menu? I've been to Earthen probably 10 times and never noticed it.

          My wife likes the hot n sour soup - I am ambivalent about this soup.

          My other favorite dish besides the scallion pancakes, house chicken and pork potstickers is the spicy garlic shrimp. It's one of the most expensive items on the menu at around $16 but well worth it. Expertly fried shrimp covered in a sweet and spicy sauce. It's not as garlicky or spicy as I'd want it to be but they can amp up the heat. My suggestion is to ask them for the sauce on the side so you can dip the shrimp. This maintains the integrity of the fried shrimp for a much longer period of time.

        2. I've enjoyed all of the cold noodle dishes I've had at Earthen

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            Has anybody ever tried their Three Shredded Delicacies dish?

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              It's pretty good. Chopped shrimp (or squid), sea cucumbers and Krab (and veggies) all mixed with a horseradish-mustard sauce. It's pretty good with green onion pancakes. But if I wanted a cold dish, I'd rather have the house special chicken.