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May 28, 2012 09:07 PM

Solo Dine in Brooklyn on Saturday Night

I am from Chicago and staying the weekend in Brooklyn near Bushwick.

I would hate to settle for something mediocre on a Saturday night for dinner.

Does any one have suggestions for solo dining on a Saturday night?

I would prefer to stay in Brooklyn. I want to keep it under 100 after drinks and a tip.

I prefer beer or wine over cocktails, unless you know where to get an amazing cosmo. Especially because I am alone.

I plan to take a taxi or public transit depending on the time and location. I am open to other boroughs or Manhattan but I'd really rather keep it to Brooklyn to save time and costs.

I am open to all types of ethic food or american dishes. My current obsession is farm-to-table dining.

Thanks all!

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  1. I would take a cab or car service to Smith Street in downtown Brooklyn. Go about an hour before you want to eat. You can walk up and down the street reading the menus in the windows until you find what you want (all kinds of good and diverse restaurants there in a five or six block stretch). Since you're solo, you can always eat at the bar. I would go to several places for apps and drinks. With a $100 budget, you'll do just fine. Hope this helps.

    This will give you an idea:

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      Smith Street sounds like it'd be cool for some after dinner drinks! Is it well lit and busy at night? If I strolled around there after dinner, are there many taxis riding by?

        1. re: AubWah

          smith street isn't that bad - especially compared to Bedford ave and North 6th in williamsburg.

          it's busy but a lot more of a sane place to be than williamsburg on a saturday night!

          i don't know about cosmos - but you can get some great cocktails at Clover Club, Henry Public (a few blocks from Smith), Brooklyn Social (this bar will be a packed scene on a saturday night) and the bar areas of Colonie and Battersby (if you go towards the latter end of the night you can usually score a seat at the bars there).

          Char No.4 has an insane selection of Ryes and Bourbons.

          I saw you preferred beer or wine. Black Mountain, one block from Smith, is a cute wine bar. There's also Sample wine bar on Smith - but I don't frequent it enough to know what it's like. Sprizenhaus, also a block from Smith is a German-style beer house.

          Chez Moi, on Atlantic also has bar seating and makes great cocktails. I haven't looked into their wine list but I imagine they'd have some nice wines, too.

          taxis are easy to come by. if not, any bartender will be able to call you a car to go back to bushwick. one tip, many taxi drivers don't know their way around brooklyn so just look up directions on your phone if you can. livery car drivers are much better about getting from one BK neighborhood to another.

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            Good information for future searches but just pointing out to check the date on posts: the OP was from May 2012 and the visitor has come and gone.

    2. Roberta's! I've not been there recently (over a year since I last went) but from everything I've heard it's continued to be totally awesome. Also conveniently located IN Bushwick, which is nice a) to support something really local to where you're staying and b) get to see some of the folks that live in the neighborhood... not to mention those who make the hike from other parts of the city because it's _that good_.

      The pizzas are always super, but the plates are great too. They grow a lot of their own ingredients out back as well as locally sourcing things, so that's up your alley. You can also fit in a LOT of deliciousness for $100.

      And they have a cool tumblr!

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      1. re: yourlittleshark

        Robertas sounds AWESOME! I am already planning my feast! But, how is the atmosphere? Would it be awkward to dine alone?

        1. re: yourlittleshark

          Thats really so coincidental that this awesome place exists right where I am staying!!!! Thank you!

          1. re: MsChi

            I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be fine to go alone. It's an informal atmosphere that is lots of groups of friends and conversations going on, so good people watching but also bustling enough that you can kind of just settle in without feeling like people are taking notice of the fact you're by yourself.

          2. re: yourlittleshark

            Another Williamsburg favorite of mine is Moto, right under the JM train at the Hewes stop. Small, dark, old-timey. If you go, you must absolutely get the date cake!!!

          3. Both of these suggestions are good. The only reason I'd quibble with Smith Street is because as far as transit's concerned, it's farther from Bushwick than the East Village in Manhattan. And it's roughly a $20 cab ride.

            Roberta's is really good. This is an honest question... is it good for a solo diner?

            Another thought might be Williamsburg. It's closer than Smith St, and has just as many very good restaurants.

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            1. re: egit

              Is Caracas Arepa Bar recommended in Williamsburg for a solo diner??

              1. re: MsChi

                Assuming you would sit at the bar or counter dining solo, the bar area at Caracas is rather small and often servicing pick up orders. For farm to table in W'burg with pleasant counter dining, I would look into Diner or Allswell or maybe even Traif, not ftt per se, but small plates.