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May 28, 2012 07:44 PM

Father's Day Brunch Help . . . need advice

I am trying to figure out where to take my foodie Dad and Husband for brunch on Father's Day. We will be dining with an adventurous eating 12 year old and a picky 5 year old. Last year we did Campanile and really enjoyed it, but this year we are looking for something new.

Here are the places that appeal to me based on menu/location

1. Fig

2. Farmshop

3. Eva

4. Gjelina

5. AOC

Does anyone have brunch experience?


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  1. Everyone in my family loves brunch at Tavern. The age span includes picky little ones and adventurous teens and pre-teens.
    Take a look at their brunch menu.

    1. I adore Gjelina but I wouldn't take a picky five year old there (or a picky adult for that matter). As has been discussed more than once on this board, they have a strict no deletions / additions / substitutions policy. Tavern is a great suggestion.

      1. My favorite brunch is the Scarpetta Beverly Hills Buffet. Fresh seafood, oysters, crab, pastas, leg of lamb and more. Expensive but worth it.

        I also like the unlimited small plate brunch at Zengo Santa Monica. Unlimited cocktails and drinks included for $35 per person.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. AOC is rather stuffy. Gjelina, I just can't stand. EVA may be a bit cramped if the 5 year old gets antsy. Fig's brunch menu is whimsical and can't compare to their dinner menu. That leaves:

            Farmshop, farmshop, farmshop. There are always (lucky) kids of similar ages chilling with their daddy-o's, basking in the brilliant sun. FS is very serious about pastries, and breakfast, and the room is chic, but not too stuffy.

            (there was a link to photos, but it got this post nuked)