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May 28, 2012 03:38 PM

Breakfast Spots - South Calgary

A good friend of mine and I go for breakfast on the weekend every few weeks. Usually she drives up to the downtown area and we hit up the usual spots, but I like to return the favour and drive down south so she doesn't have to come all the way uptown.

Problem is, I don't know of any good spots down in that neck of the woods, and we usually just end up going to Cora's in McKenzie Towne.

Any good recommendations? Hidden Gems?

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  1. If you like Chinese buffets, Tai Pan in the plaza on the NW corner of Southland and MacLeod offers a good selection, tasty, and a good price. They also have dim sum, some of which makes its way onto the buffet.
    Dixons has a $6 bacon and eggs or eggs Benny special on S & S that is ok.

    1. There are not many good options in the south.

      99th Ave Cafe, attached to Stetson Village Inn on 99th and MacLeod, serves up really cheap and really good breakfasts. you can even get deep fried tater tots with your meal LOL. Here is my earlier review here

      Cheesecake Cafe just north of Heritage and MacLeod also makes an OK breakfast.

      Limerick's on Macleod between Heritage and Glenmore also has a $6 eggs benny or $6 eggs + meat breakfast (I think they are part of the same chain as Dixon's, which Bill mentoined above). We had the eggs benny breakfast a couple of weeks ago, and the portions are small, but then again what can you expect for $6.

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        Forgot The Stetson. The bar area is a bit of a throwback BUT staff are always nice, the food is basic but good and the prices are cheap. On weekends they usually have a sandwich and drink special, like a Denver and a Caesar for 9 bucks, or something similar.

        Also forgot Caffe Crema. Great coffees and other drinks, baked goods and sandwiches. No traditional breakfast, but good for something lighter. South off 22x a few blocks west of MacLeod. Worth it for the coffee, they roast their own. Caveat: on Sundays, the expand the premises and hold a church service, I understand.

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          ^^just to clarify, the bar/pub thing is separate from the cafe. I've never been in the bar, but I would assume they share a kitchen (?).

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            @Scary Bill Thanks for the nod to my absolutely favourite cafe in town. Caffe Crema serves AMAZING coffee. Though I do admit it would be cool if they had a larger kitchen area for some delicious cafe food.
            I have to pass 3 Starbucks to get there and it is worth the drive. I wish there were more places like this in Calgary. I tried A ladybug pastry shop yesterday in Aspen Woods. Food was amazing though I was not at all impressed with the coffee :( The server there told me on weekends they do crab omelettes YUM!

        2. I've had good experience having breakfast at the bakery in Woodbine, on the corner where DQ used to be.

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            Yes, it's called Patisserie Soleil and it looks decent. They do brunch on Sundays.

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              Do try the Patisserie....the cinnamon buns are the best I've ever had!!!

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                Yeah the Patisserie Soleil is good and totally packed on weekends. Though they seem to have a lot of staff in the kitchen and in front we had to wait for 1 1/2 hours for our food. One was a croissant that just needed plating! Then....(brace yourselves) they forgot my BACON!!! When I asked where it was, they said the breakfast no longer came with bacon so it was to be essentially a poached egg on spinach. whoop de doo! the menu obviously hadn't been changed and I really hope that was just an off day. It's not like they were out of bacon because 30min after we had our food, eaten and all our cutlery taken away it arrived all alone cold and on a plate. My son ate it with his hands.
                I was so disappointed because I really wanted this place to work. Anyone else had this kind of experience?

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                  I wanted so much for Patisserie du Soleil to be a cafe I would come back to...I decided to give it another try today after karate. Dang! The menu is so great it is hard to pick something so I decided to go for the special figuring it would be faster...not so. The rest of my family got their food and mine was the wrong special :( I had ordered beignets to arrive after and they arrived with the meals so I picked at those, slowly until the rest of my family was done. The waitress finally came by to ask if everything was alright and I mentioned it would be if I ever got my sandwich! (and I am not a rude person overall but by this time I had had it!) GAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You can not imagine my frustration. I want so much to like this place! My sandwich arrived shortly there after and the rest of the family watched as I ate.
                  That said....BEIGNETS!!!! I would still go back for more torture just to have the beignets again!

            2. And if you have plenty of time and are happy going south, take the extra 40 minutes and drive to the Chuckwagon Cafe in Turner Valley. It's a nice drive on a summer day, and the breakfast is nearly impossible to beat.

              1. I've never been there, but I understand the Ranche in Fish Creek Park has a pretty nice brunch. I might also suggest the brunch in the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. I've done that one a couple of times and it's always good, if you don't mind the buffet style brunch.