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May 28, 2012 03:37 PM

Wedding Restaurant Help? Focused on the Food!

I'm going to be getting married in Philadelphia, and while I'm from the city, I haven't lived there for about 12 years (we live in Boston). We're doing it there primarily to accomodate family. I'd love suggestions for places with really great food - that's the primary concern for us! - that could also accomodate a party of between 50-60 people OR really fantastic caterers. Any help would be appreciated, as I've not eaten in the city for some time and am a bit overwhelmed... Budget is between $5 and $10k.


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  1. Estia does really good banquets.

    1. The Four Seasons does a wonderful job with occasions, and the food and ambience are excellent.
      Check it out.

      1. we had our wedding reception (though not the ceremony) at Amada. It was a daytime reception, and quite reasonably priced. Nightimes are far more expensive, and if your family drinks a lot and it will be more expensive. the food was excellent.

        1. I'd look into JG Domestic, or anywhere that the Garces folks will cater for you. Also, you might look into Stephen Starr's event spaces. Search this board for wedding reception and you'll find a recent post on the Mask and Wig Club and Feast Your Eyes (I think) catering.

          I had events for my wedding at Lacroix, DiBruno Bros (upstairs), and Top of the Tower, all had amazing food in different atmospheres.

          1. This isn't in the city, but I got married 7 years ago at George's in Wayne. The food was amazing (Kevin Sbraga of Top Chef fame was the chef) and the restaurant is beautiful - country french styling. We had 75 people and the main dining room was perfect. We did a Sunday lunch and it worked out very well. I loved it. The quality of the food was one of my main concerns, so trust me that it is very good! The price was very fair (around 35 per person), but all the money went to the booze, so expect to pay a lot for that.

            I've also been to some good parties at Cuba Libre in Old City. They have lots of different spaces depending on the size of your party, and the Cuban cuisine might be a nice spin on typical wedding fare. Good bar and good music for dancing too in a nice setting.