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May 28, 2012 03:02 PM

Lodge enameled cast iron

Lodge has always made good cast iron products. They decided to go the route of the "fast buck" and import Chinese enameled cast iron. They explain up front in their literature that it is Chinese. Like all Chinese it is cheap and the workmanship looks good at first but is very poor. Their alloys are NOT like other countries and are brittle. The enamel does not hold up. It is truly "you get what you paid for"

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  1. <Their alloys are NOT like other countries and are brittle>

    Have you actually used these Lodge cookware? Are you saying that the Lodge Color cast iron cookware are so brittle that they cracked? I have not yet heard of any complaints of crack/shattered Lodge enameled cast iron cookware. Can you include photos of your cracked cookware?

    1. I haven't had mine crack but I had the Lodge color in the 6 qt. oven and with treating it carefully and never banging it on, or with anything, it had little enamel chips all over it. The enameling looked nice and well applied, but it didn't hold up to even occasional, gentle use. I don't think I had used it more than 3-4 times when I noticed the chips.

      1. Hi, hello2012:

        What exactly is your point? And what is your experience with the Chinese-made Lodge and the "other countries"? I'd also like to know more about "their alloys". Please explain.


        1. I have a 3 quart , 12" diameter, lodge enameled cast iron braisier/casserole pan with lid. It seemed great until the handle came loose from itself and the pan lid hit my foot -- talk about ouch.

          The composite handle is pressed onto a metal, vertically ribbed cylinder that the screw screws into. The expansion and contraction from the heat must of caused this. Very poor design on the handle. I could actually sue them for the damage it did to my foot.

          If you get the lodge enamaled cast iron stuff, make sure you buy a solid cast replacement handle knob.

          I contacted lodge about this and they sent me an identical replacement handle knob -- no thanks. I explained that these were DEFECTIVE and they don't listen. I told them I wanted a solid cast replacement knob and they didn't send me one.