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May 28, 2012 02:17 PM

Need a new fishmonger in Edmonton

Frequented a well known fish shop in Edmonton for many years but the last 3 visits in a row caused me to rethink my choice. During my last three visits to B..., a) my giant prawns had shells which had became soft, the flesh has gone a little mushy and carried a very slight (not noticeable) ammonia smell... I think I would have done better purchasing frozen ones at a chained supermarket, b) my assorted shellfish for my pasta, only about 30% opened, c) an assortment of expensive fish fillets for my fish stew, a couple of them had a "brownish crust" on the bottom, obviously they made sure that the good side faced up in the display.

I don't mind getting inferior products once in a while but paying premium prices and getting inferior products 3 times in a roll is unacceptable.

Just curious, where does my fellow Edmonton foodies get seafood for those occasional special meals.

Just tasted some fantastic lingcod (I think that's what it is, I went by what our Chinese host told me) stifry at a Chinese restaurant, wouldnt mind buying some to cook at home to try. What ever that fish was, it was fantastic, served 3 ways in the meal, a soup (with tofu and veggies), a stirfry (with snow peas and beans) and a stew (again with tofu in a brown sauce). All three dishes were fantastic.

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  1. Try T & T, they always have fast turnover, hence fresh seafood. Also, Costco would never knowingly sell seafood past its prime, at least in my experience.

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      I have never been personally but have heard good things about Fin's in Sherwood Park.

    2. Superstore on Calgary Trail has good fish as well. I can't vouch for the other locations.

      1. Ocean Odyssey is my fish vendor of choice - while T&T has some stuff fresh, they really don't care much about sustainability nor environment. OO has a lot more traceability, and lots of seasonal stuff.

        If the trek to the west end is too far, they do sell out of the City Centre farmers market.

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          still around eh, yen?

          Ocean Odyssey is good, but most things there are frozen.

          Does anyone know where I can get fresh rock cod (sek bahn yu) in Edmonton, other than restaurants that serve it?

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            I get bored every once in a while and read what interests me :) But no, not really around.

            OO - most things are definitely frozen. Better than many other places, where most things are defrosted. And sometimes, refrozen.

            They do carry a small selection of fresh - especially in the summer. Fresh Pickerel, and other white fish line caught from Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.

            You want fresh Rock Cod for home? The only place i've ever seen this outside of T&T is there used to be a small restaurant fish supply shop downtown that supplied many of the better restaurants (keep in mind this is the late 80's :) ). You had to have an account but a family member browbeat their way into getting some. Sadly, i have no idea where nor the name, nor if they`re around.

            Ask Felix. If anyone knows, it`ll be him.

            1. re: yen

              I am flattered by your comment yen.
              I have little to add. As noted OO is best if you don't mind mostly frozen and care about sustainability. Mind you , frozen is sometimes better than what some places call "fresh" . T&T has the most variety, and like Superstore is OK but you have no idea where they source their product.. At Costco they carry a lot of farmed fish which is not always thus labeled. Save on Foods is good for sockeye in season.
              Lastly I might have seen rock cod at a small Chinese supermarket on 102 avenue near where it meets Jasper.

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            I just googled it, I assume it is the store at 167St. 100 Ave. I live just west of the city so that location is perfect.

            1. re: Fergie007

              It is indeed. The ladies there are wonderful, and completely honest about where they get their product from and how it was handled. Hope it works out for you.

            2. re: yen

              I'd second OO. T&T works in a pinch. I wish BG was better as it's on the southside.

            3. I know it is not always thought of first, but consider Costco. Their turnover is very high and so it's usually very fresh. Obviously you have to give up a lot in selection since they only carry a few things.

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                Also ethically farmed, environmentally friendly is not first on the list for Costco fish if this is of importance to you.

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                    Refer to the link near the bottom "Costco Three Page Report"

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                      thank you for the correction, this is a good step. I have avoided buying most fish at Costco. Some of their fish is still on the caution list, atlantic farmed salmon is on the avoid red list. others such as tilapia it depends on where they are farmed, how would one find out about the sources of their fish I wonder? I try to follow this sites recommendations, however sources are a challenge, especially when dealing with grocery stores. My local Overwaitea labels their fish according to this site, which is very helpful, since I don't have access to a fish monger that would be more in connection to it's sources.

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                          thanks Bill, appreciate the effort, will give a solid read through when I have a moment.