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May 28, 2012 01:43 PM

"Upscale" Sushi

Looking for great sushi joints in York Region or Scarborough/ Toronto area. Doesn't have to be AYCE. We haven't ventured too much for sushi b/c most places friends/family recommend seem 'too dirty' for my husband so we're looking for something more 'upscale' or with modern/contemporary decor, and staff who can help walk us through the menu.

We don't do the raw stuff so mostly vegy and fried seafood sushi items.

Any suggestions please :)


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would try Yuzu downtown. Even though they are known for the freshness of their fish, you will still have a good experience based on the quality of their rice and I would assume their tempura is of better than average quality (though I don't know). Honestly, though, if you're looking more for the decor/atmosphere than the quality, you could always try Ki.

      1. My family is fussy that way too. We've always enjoyed Sushi Moto Restaurant Sake & Wine Bar, 4901 Yonge Street

        1. The area you want, consider Zen or Aoyama.

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            Zen is wonderful, but I wouldn't consider it to be upscale or to have modern/contemporary decor.

            1. re: TexSquared

              Aoyama has an ancient washroom downstairs. While clean, it may not please OP's husband.

            2. Try Inatei in Richmond Hill. Clean, modern decor with fresh sushi.

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                Thanks everyone for the suggestions - this is super helpful!

                Quick newbie sushi question - what is the difference between maki rolls and sashimi?

                We don't do raw so we do the fried frish, vegeterian and smoked fish options - which sushi option(s) would that be?

                Thanks again!

                1. re: romeschica

                  Sashimi is just the raw fish on its own. Nigiri is little bundles of rice topped with the raw fish (or whatever topping). Maki are the rolls you are probably used to thinking of as "sushi".

                  There are plenty of vegetarian and cooked maki options, including, but not limited to:

                  kappa (cucumber)
                  oshinko (pickled radish)
                  california roll (cooked crab or crab stick with cucumber and avocado -- feel free to ask for it without the tobiko if you don't like fish roe)
                  ebi (shrimp)
                  tempura shrimp (lots of variants of monster rolls with tempura shrimp, so just read the menu)
                  unagi (cooked, smoked eel)

                  If you like fresh crab (cooked), "kani" is the nigiri with just rice and crab. But only the best sushi spots actually use real crab for their kani nigiri. It's worth asking.

                  There are many other maki variants that fit your criteria.

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                    Thanks TorontoJo - that is super helpful!!