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Restaurant Suggestions for a week in SD (celiac-friendly)

Hello Chowhounders,

We are headed down to San Diego on our honeymoon for a week in June and staying at the Grand Del Mar. I'm looking for some suggestions, ideally in the nearby vicinity (we do have a car, but close is still nice) for just really good, casual food. I am a celiac, so that is the only catch - other than that, we just love good food. And we're diehard cyclists, so we come with big appetites!

Also, best coffee in SD? And that I'm willing to drive for!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I am not familiar with gluten-free north of the 8, but Salad Style in downtown San Diego would be a excellent option for you.

    1. There's a place in Del Mar called Rendezvous that has a dedicated gluten-free menu for people with Celiac. It's quite tasty.

      1. Addison in your hotel, will work within food preferences. It is high-end dining, but very good food. You can get the 4, 6, 8 or 10 course meals. We got the 4 course and it came w/ 2 amuse bouches, 2 rounds of bread, palate cleanser and peppermint white chocolate lollipop. Then comped shortbread at the end!

        Souplantation is down the street from you, for the ultimate in casual and all you can eat.

        Bud's Louisiana Cuisine in Kearny Mesa has a nearly gluten free menu. About a 15-20 min drive south.

        Surati Farsan Mart is gluten free, if you choose carefully. About 15-20 min drive south.

        1. ...just to your coffee quest, if Espresso or a tight milk drink (Macchiato) is what you favor, then Zumbar in Sorrento Valley's the place to go. Still the most dependable shop in execution, with typically some really nice special offerings (@ 55 pennies extra) rotating through.

          However to explore single origin brews, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in La Jolla is the place to be. (And if you're there on a Friday morning, make sure to attend their free coffee cuppings, expertly conducted by Bird Rock's owner Chuck.) (FWIW, last year BRCR won Roast Magazine's roaster of the year award, and is consistently scoring high on Kenneth David's Coffee Review.)

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            I'll second Zumbar for best coffee in town, which is very close to your location in Del Mar. I've had a LOT of espresso over the years, in a lot of different places (including Italy), and the single espresso I had at Zumbar a few weeks ago was a revelation. Amazing.

          2. Amaya at the Grand Del Mar is also excellent,a nd suspect they'd be happy to accomodate. As much as I love Addison, Amaya is a bargain when compared.

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              +1 on Amaya. I had a very good business dinner there a few weeks back.

            2. Thanks all - these suggestions are great! I'm glad to hear there is good coffee in the vicinity :) The hotel restaurants do look amazing, but I'm not sure our budget will allow too many meals there!

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                ...one note re. Zumbar - their location and clientele means they mainly cater to the tech workers in the area, so regarding hours you'll need to be there during typical working hours. However they are also open on Saturdays.

                BTW just wondering, were you looking primarily for brewed coffee or espresso?

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                  Thanks for the heads up. I love a good esperesso, so that's my preference, but I'm not opposed to checking out the local best in brewed coffee either.

              2. Forgive my lack of knowledge, but would sushi work for you? If it does, Sushi Kaito in Encinitas is generally regarded as having the best sushi in town.

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                  Kaito will also accomodate the gluten-intolerant. He'll give you a lemon slice in place of soy sauce and/or alter his preparations accordingly.

                2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/848891
                  That thread had some good suggestions.

                  If you make it Downtown - Cowboy Star

                  I would think a place like Flavor Del Mar, Kitchen 1540, or Delicias would be able to accommodate given enough time

                  " Lotus Cafe does specify GF options on their menu, but be very specific about GF requirements when ordering there - they accidentally glutened me once.

                  Del Mar Rendezvous has a GF menu, as does The Mission.

                  places like Naked Cafe, Ki's, Swami's & Beachgrass are doable as well.

                  (i know most of those are North County, but that's where i spent the majority of my time!)" -GoodHealthGourmet

                  1. We just ate at Spread tonight, in North Park, and it was really good. They are very accommodating of gluten-free diners, and the menu is almost 100% vegan.