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May 28, 2012 12:56 PM

Just for fun: the self-stirring pot!

It was fun to watch, thought the folks here would enjoy it too...

original website in Japanese:

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  1. As water heats up, the water will circulate due to temperature gradient, and density changes:

    Let's it be in a whirlpool motion or a convection motion, the content will get randomized. I don't see anything substantial here.

    1. Intersting, but I wouldn't trust it for a risotto! But I do trust my StirChef for risotto. Unfortunately, they no longer make them. Rats!

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      1. re: Caroline1

        I could see how it be useful in a large size for something like pasta but, it could be difficult to clean.

        1. re: Sid Post

          That's what many comments were about. Difficult to clean. Also I am not at all convinced that it is really stirring the way we would like. Normally, convection is of simpler motion. Water circulates between hot and cold region:

          In this case, the screw thread shape of the pot allows the water to take on a radial motion as it rises. However, I bet you that the water around this threaded area is trapped and moved very slow. So if you have a semi-thick liquid, then it will burn around the threaded area. Thus, completely contradict the original idea of "stirring"

      2. I have a self stirring pot.

        It's any pot that you tell someone does NOT need to be stirred, it's fine.

        Boom! The pot gets stirred.

        (Gotta confess I have created a self stirring pot at friends houses a time or two myself.)

        1. Might be good for some applications but as the video shows the concept is flawed. The video demonstrates that heavier ingredients are going to be forced towards the center. Instead of mixing the ingredients it will have a tendency to separate water from heavier ingredients. Any ingredient that has a binding ability will produce clumps or a mass in the center.

          Not to mention the number of excuses that would be used to get out of washing the dishes after dinner.