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May 28, 2012 09:56 AM

Toronto Taste is the best food event in TO, hands down.

Went to Toronto Taste last night & had the best time I've ever had a food event.

- Elleven's lobster roll
- Rodney's PEI oysters
- Buca's prosciutto w/radish & mascarpone
- Woodlot's tofu on brioche (which I was surprised I liked so much)
- Nota Bene burger
- Ciao's short ribs & polenta
- Victoria Gin martinis

Too busy eating & drinking to take pictures, but there are a bunch on Twitter if you're interested.
Will definitely be going again next year!

Anyone else go? Interested to see other's favourites because there's no way you can hit up every station. Too many to get to.

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  1. Charity aside, if you can separate it out, how would you rank it is you considered the cost vs. other events which have lower ticket prices? Seems like Toronto Taste is almost double (at $250) vs. some other charity food events.

    I was there as a volunteer so I "saw" some of the amazing dishes but didn't get to try anything :)

    It was a really well organized event (even from a behinds the scene view) and the food options seemed incredible. Curious how you managed to survive the evening, I think I would be so overwhelmed with all of the food options!

    I won a ticket last year to Brewer's Plate and I really enjoyed that event as a guest... Would love to be able to donate to Second Harvest and go next year to Toronto Taste as a guest as well.

    Glad you enjoyed the event and curious to hear what others have to say as well.

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      What set it apart for me was the range of restaurants. A lot of food shows have some of those chefs, but this one has everyone you want to see. Lots of Food Network chefs.
      With so many stands the food offering is like nothing I've ever seen before. I liked that each stand offered something different and you never knew what to expect at the next one.
      And the space is pretty cool too. I like that it's inside the ROM but that you can also go outside.
      I spoke to one of the volunteers there who said that next year they would be going as a guest instead of volunteering, so they seemed pretty impressed too.

    2. Given that the Brickworks Picnic isn't going to happen this year I'll agree that this event is now top of the heap