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May 28, 2012 09:49 AM

"Chowbabe" in HK

Has anyone seen this license plate before?

Spied this on the street near HK Jockey Club and curious if anyone Chowbabe a restaurant mogul? A well-heeled foodie?

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  1. ...just cause vanity plates here ain't exactly a dime a dozen.

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    1. re: chloehk

      Or, maybe the family name's Chow?

      1. re: chloehk

        Come on Chloe, admit it, you kind of wish it were yours, right? ;-)

        Actually I did a quick search, no information, but see someone else has snapped this car in Yau Ma Tei:

        1. re: p0lst3r

          Wul, yeah. Who wouldn't want a big fat Audi with a "CHOWBABE" plate?

          However, if I had those kind of resources, it would more likely be on the back of a pretty Porsche Cayman S, or a GT3 RS, if I really had deep pockets ;-)

        2. re: chloehk

          But they are! There are thousands of them - in the last week I've seen "TAXI" (on a taxi fortunately!), "HI", "GOD" and "MISS CHAN" - I think here in HK they don't have the same rules as in Europe - it seems like you can have whatever you like.

          Now I just need a car to put one on...!