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May 28, 2012 08:46 AM

Changing face of East 6th Street

Was in the area last night...methinks the end of an era is near; noticed so many of the old curry row joints have gone kaput! Which is no great loss I guess, especially if it paves the way for a more diverse scene on the block. There's Awash Ethiopian (which I've never tried), Mancora (solid, pretty cheap Peruvian), Cherin sushi (BYOB and always seems filled with raucous NYU students), and a new Italian place, Litro (on my list of "to trys"). We ended up at SIgiri, a great Sri Lankan place actually on 1st & 6th, which I highly recommend--try the Kotthu Roti or the CHicken Lamprais, they're fantastic. Anyway, anyone else predict a future for 6th St as downtown's "Restaurant Row?"

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  1. Sigiri is good: love the heat intensity of the dishes, but sometimes it can be *really* salty.

    Whatever comes in, I hope they'll be new and inventive. I might be wrong (and usually am!), but I feel that there's kind of a sameness to a lot of new places, everyone cashing in on what's trending right now.

    1. I think the old Sylheti-owned cheap Indian restaurants will gradually go out of business as long as rents continue to rise.

      By the way, Banjara on the corner of 6th and 1st is quite good, in my experience.

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        Yes, Banjara is really good, and I just recently discovered that their prices on good Scotch [McAllan's, Laphroaig and the like] are *ridiculously* low, under $10/glass!

      2. granted, that original wave of (northeast) indian places wasn't great, but it was my introduction to south asian food as a teenager, and i have fond memories of being 17, broke and living over on avenue c, trundling west for a 'complete meal' of chicken vindaloo, appetizer, soup and little dish of cabbage for four bucks back in 1983 or so

        while i know it's become de rigeur to trash the food at these places now, does anyone with memories of eating south asian food in nyc circa early '80s recall having any experiences that were all that much better at the time?.

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        1. re: debinqueens

          I too miss the "complete" meals with the bowls of cabbage and thin dahl! How I loved Prince of India . . . At least back then . . .

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            I don't think it's "de rigeur" to trash these places; it's just that now we know what Indian food is supposed to taste like and it's not that! I used to eat hot dogs with pinto beans when I was in college and while I get your mildly nostalgic feeling for those bygone days, I'm not going to pretend that "Cowboy Surprise" was better as food than it was as the inspiration for a Brokeback-themed skin flick.

            That said, other than Sigiri, I haven't had anything worth trundling down Sixth Street for. Zerza has been on my "to try" list for quite some time, but their neighbor, Cherin, is a disappointment.

            1. re: JungMann

              JungMann, you're too late! Zerza closed ; )

              1. re: piattoparla

                They say they're moving down the street and reopening in June at 320 E. 6th St.

            2. re: debinqueens

              I know what you mean. In the 1980s Passage to India was pretty good. In the mid 2000s Angon was fine to very good.

            3. The original comment has been removed