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Unopened tahini

duongsn May 28, 2012 06:35 AM

Ok....after reading some of the posts about tahini, I know I should probably refrigerate it after opening. But if I have a can of this stuff unopened, how long is it good for? I couldn't find an expiration date.....

  1. jmcarthur8 May 29, 2012 12:53 PM

    Should be good indefinitely....

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    1. re: jmcarthur8
      Bacardi1 May 29, 2012 04:34 PM

      I agree, & once you open it (& yes, I keep mine in the fridge), it lasts pretty much indefinitely as well.

    2. Motosport May 30, 2012 07:43 AM

      I buy it in the large jar @ the Middle Eastern grocery store. Open or not I never refrigerate. If it's cold it has got to be very hard to use.

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      1. re: Motosport
        DeppityDawg May 30, 2012 08:16 AM

        Once exposed to oxygen it will start going rancid, like peanut butter or Nutella. It seems to be a pretty slow process, but it can be slowed down further by refrigeration. If you're not going to use the stuff up within a couple of months, I would recommend refrigerating. It doesn't take that long to bring it back up to room temperature if necessary.

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