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May 28, 2012 05:15 AM

What's the best Korean restaurant?

What's the best Korean restaurant in the Twin Cities?

I've heard good things about Hoban in Eagan and King's Korean in Fridley. And there's at least one Korean restaurant on Snelling in St. Paul.

Anyone out there who can advise?


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  1. The best??? What a can of worms....I like Dong Yang Oriental Foods
    (763) 571-2009
    Columbia Heights
    735 45th Ave NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55421
    Restaurant in back of store. Very rustic........

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    1. re: ibew292

      I like Hoban in Eagan the best. Some of my Korean friends like it, others don't. But it's by far the cleanest Korean restaurant in the Twin Cities...

      1. re: discus

        Mirror of Korea was very well kept. So is Dong Yang. Korea Restaurant is a bit ... tired. And smoky.

        1. re: JimGrinsfelder

          I finally tried Dong Yang and agree that the food is very good. Maybe the best in the Twin Cities. However, I feel compelled to mention a few quirks.

          My wife and I showed up around 7:15 pm to order. The store is open until 8 pm, but they stop serving at 7:30 pm. We got the food around 7:25 pm, but they started rushing us out at 7:43 pm. The old lady picked up the main dishes and poured them into styrofoam containers.

          Now, I understand running a restaurant is tough and people want to get home. But why not stop serving earlier or tell people they have to get done before 8 pm?

          One more thing. When the old lady poured our entree into the styrofoam container, she used her hands to push the food! Not good. If I go back, my wife won't be coming with me.

          1. re: discus

            Yeah, I agree, they're not as good after 6 pm. Go for lunch or go by 6 pm for dinner. Maybe 7pm at the latest. When you're really good, you can be eccentric. They're really good. They're tired by 7 pm. My grandmother was asleep by 7 pm most nights....

    2. Of Hoban, Mirror of Korea, Dong Yang, and Sole Cafe, I like Dong Yang and Sole Cafe the best. Mirror of Korea was our choice for take-out since it was closest to our home, but I feel that Sole Cafe and Dong Yang are tied for my favorite Korean meals as of lately.

      1. Sole Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants period, though Dong Yang is very good as well. It's a steep drop off from there, in my experience.

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        1. re: kevin47

          Hey MSP hounds,
          Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them.

          p.s. Sometimes it's interesting to open a can of worms :0)

          1. re: kevin47

            Do you hit Sole Cafe for lunch or dinner or both? I went for dinner and it was dead on a Saturday, they served me hot tea in a plastic cup (bleh) and the food was not particularly good.

            1. re: JimGrinsfelder

              My sentiments exactly for Sole Cafe. I really wanted to like it, but alas, it was tired.

              1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                I have had both lunch and dinner. It is dead all the time. Their beverage service is a sore spot all around. I've never had anything but great meals there, though. I'm addicted to the pork stir fry.

            2. I have eaten at Dong Yang, Korea Restaurant, Hoban, Sole Cafe and Mirror of Korea.

              Dong Yang is my fave. Korea Restaurant is #2. I had a really lackluster meal at Sole Cafe and ditto for Mirror of Korea.

              For me, Hoban is complicated and I will probably give it another try. I used to work not to far from Hoban, but it was more than 10 years ago. I enjoyed it at the time. Then they hit a rough patch (bad food, rundown interior, unpleasant odors). Apparently they came out of that rough patch because here it is more than 10 years later and they are still in business.

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              1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                Is Korea Restaurant the one on Oak Street near U MN?

                So far, Dong Yang has the most votes..... Is that the one that's in the back of a grocery store?

                Thanks, all.

                1. re: soccermom13

                  Yes, Korea Restaurant is on Oak Street and Dong Yang is part of the grocery store of the same name. Both are very good.

              2. Another vote for Dong Yang. Try their beef shortrib grill, spicy pork grill, stone bowl of rice.

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                1. re: KCMPLS

                  Okay, hounds, Dong Yang got the most reccs. How rustic is it? Are there tables to sit at? If we don't speak or read Korean, will we be able to decipher the menu? (I am all about rustic, but we will be going there with friends.) Can we order beer or wine? And what dishes do you like at Dong Yang? (I've already noted KCMPLS' picks: beef shortrib grill, spicy pork grill, stone bowl of rice. Is the stone bowl of rice their version of bibimbap?)

                  Looks like we will have to detour to get there. I94 westbound is closed this weekend between 280 and 55.


                  1. re: soccermom13

                    You can sit down but the place is not fancy, think school cafeteria. It's in the back of the grocery store, which is next to Harbor Freight Tools, about a block west from Central Avenue. The menu is posted with English and Korean with pictures so you know what you are ordering. Stone bowl of rice is bibimbap and it comes out sizzling so you can finish the cooking by stirring the contents. No beer or wine. The drink selection is dismal but who cares--the food is great. They will also bring out a lot of small dishes of pickles, veggies, etc, to round out the meal.

                    1. re: KCMPLS

                      On my most recent trek to Dong Yang, I realized the self serve hot tea was pretty good. Also, it is clean, not grimy like Korea Restauraunt on Oak Street. The lighting is a bit harsh but the seating is comfortable and I have never felt particularly rushed... But you pick up the food when the stern Korean grandmother yells at you and you bus your own table when finished... Like you would if you were a good guest at an informal meal in someone's home. IMO, all part of the charm.

                      1. re: KCMPLS

                        Bibimbap is mixed rice. The version with the stone bowl is dolsot bibimbap. Dolsot bibimbap is my preference - even in warm weather. I love the crunchy, sesame oil seasoned bits of rice.

                        1. re: BigSal

                          Thanks, BigSal. We ordered Dolsot Bibimbap. The waiter steered us to that version, and it was good. I too like the crunchy rice.

                          1. re: soccermom13

                            I haven't had a chance to eat at Dong Yang yet. I've only been there to shop thus far. Did they serve the Dolsot bibimbap with a raw egg or a fried egg?

                            1. re: BigSal

                              Hi Big Sal,
                              We ended up at Hoban, not Dong Yang. At Hoban, they serve the egg partially cooked on the Dolsot Bibimbap.

                              1. re: BigSal

                                The egg is like sunny side up with very soft yolk, the egg white is almost cooked. So it is like 70% cooked. I usually stir it into the sizzling rice bowl so everything finishes cooking. It is still soft.

                                1. re: KCMPLS

                                  Thanks. King's serves their dolosot bibimbap with a raw egg yolk