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May 28, 2012 04:50 AM

Anything New in Pawleys/Murrells Inlet Area

We're making our annual trek to Litchfield for the week and would love any updates on the local scene. We do seafood most of the week. Our current favorites are:

Lee's Inlet Kitchen
Chive Blossom
Salt Water Creek
Bistro 217

Thanks for any updates!

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  1. It's not new, but if you aren't familiar with Russell's in Murrells Inlet you're missing a gem. Super-fresh seafood, expertly prepared, and the service will make you feel like you're at your grandmother's house. None better, IMO.

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    1. re: arbyunc

      Thanks...I'll put that on the rotation. Are there any menu items that you consider standout?

      1. re: dawnb

        ^ Never had a bad meal there. The last time I was there the first softshell crabs of the season had just come in, so I went for it. They were incredible. You'll find the usual shrimp, oysters, flounder, etc., but they'll also have specials featuring fresh catches that day. Crab-stuffed flounder is a regular on the menu, and it's great. The servers are very knowledgable, so rely on them to tell you what's featured. You'll also find the owner (Russell) and his wife walking about, checking on every table to be sure everything is okay. This place is special, for sure! Sorry if I sound like I'm gushing, but it seems rare these days to find a place where they care so much about making your dining experience enjoyable. One word of caution--it's a small place, and it gets crowded early, so be prepared to wait. No problem, though--just hang out in the bar!

        1. re: arbyunc

          Thanks. Russell's sounds like my kind of place. Do you know anything about the restaurant that went in the old Louis' at the Hammock Shops last summer? I don't know the name so am unable to research.

            1. re: Sue in Mt P

              yep, Nosh.
              Get Carried away is great for takeout/ eat at the beach/ stock the condo

              We also have a Fresh Market now in Pawleys.
              Inlet affairs in Murrells Inlet does a lovely Sunday Brunch