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Quebec's bread law

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Does anyone know if Quebec's bread (or bakery) law is still in place and in practice? For a long time, and maybe still, Quebec had a law in place that forbade large commercial bread manufacturers from making bread on Mondays. That meant that if you wanted the freshest commercial loaf at a grocery store, you had to wait until the deliveries started on Tuesday. If you bought bread on Monday, it was probably last delivered to the store on Friday or maybe Saturday. You could often tell this because if you went to a large grocery chain, or even a dep, to buy a loaf on Monday, they'd either have meagre pickings or the shelves would be empty.

The law never applied to small artisinal bakeries.

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  1. Still no bread delivery on Mondays. And from what I've gathered, no new produce or fish either. Monday is not the time to go to the supermarket.