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Party sandwiches

Yummy party sandwiches for "boys" and "girls"............does that exist? Has anyone had any experience with the pickle barrel party sandwiches in a box? IE quality, taste and/or how many a box will feed from past experience. Hosting a retirement party and need some tips on where to get party sandwiches. Midtown or downtown pick up if possible. Other suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. I get mine from caterer Sonny Langer. Let me know if you can't find his number. They are delicious and priced competitively. Of course they deliver too!

    1. For straight forward, old-school party sandwiches, Pickle Barrel is a good bet. I am not a fan of PB, have never eaten there, but their little sandwiches are pretty good and reasonably priced.

      1. Pickle Barrel are just OK (but may do the trick - considering your location).

        Centre St. deli makes good party sandwiches IMO. Not exactly midtown or downtown, but they probably deliver.

        1. I've tried many party sandwiches over the years and also prefer Centre St. Deli's. Thornhill, though.

          1. I always liked What A Bagel's party sandwiches, but I don't know anything about the price when buying in large quantities. I go to the location in the Forest Hill Village.

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              I love Centre Street...way better than Pickle Barrell, but check out Leslie's...link attached....they are the best!!!


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                Do you know if Lesley is a South African woman who's husband used to have Blueberry Hill (burgers) on Steeles Ave.? If so, I have had her party sandwhiches many years ago and they were great!

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                  Sorry..don't know the family..however, have known the sandwiches for years!!

            2. Before we had our office lunch budget slashed, we had one sandwich lunch catered by Petite Thuet. It was REALLY good. I loved the bread. I had the one with Turkey, brie, a sweet citrus glaze on the turkey, and artisanal lettuce on a perfect fresh sour dough bun. Other coworkers had the grilled chicken, one had smoked jambon ham, and another had the veggie. We all loved it and they came with good salads. If you upgrade to the next level, it comes with pastries. Millefeuille was the best of the assortment. Macaron was good but not great. Opera cake was good as well.

              1. I went through some of this analysis for a kids bday party a couple of years ago. I considered What A Bagel, Pickle Barrel, Centre Street and Lesley's. I ended up going with Centre Street, and having them delivered by cab (they didn't have in-house delivery) and they were quite good. If I recall, Lesley's was more expensive and I think that What-A Bagel was comparable. Sonny Langers would also be good, and they deliver. All of these places serve traditional egg salad, tuna and salmon party sandwiches.

                For fancier, and pricier, party sandwiches, Summerhill Market has some great ones - selection includes curried chicken, shrimp salad, etc. You can custom order, mix and match, etc.

                Another option is to get a bunch of pre-made or DIY sandwich fixings from Black Camel on mini buns (only available for advance orders). We've done this for a few parties - always a great hit.

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                  I've been to many get-togethers catered by Sonny Langer, and even used him myself once or twice in the distant past, and found his party sandwiches, of the tuna salad, egg salad and salmon salad variety, along with the fixings - to be first rate, fresh, tasty and appealingly presented. Pickle Barrel is also pretty good, same thing - tuna, egg, salmon and such - maybe a cut below Sonny's quality, but also slightly cheaper, and still quite tasty. Sonny's an old pro. His headquarters are at Yonge and Steeles Ave., but - as noted - he delivers just about anywhere around town. Don't know the other places mentioned.