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May 27, 2012 08:14 PM

Cheyenne WY Steakhouses?

I'll be in Cheyenne, looking for some good "cow" and bison"

I've heard about Little Bear and Senator's Steakhouse at Terry Bison Ranch.

Are they good?

Which one is better?

Any others I should look out for?


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  1. My suggestion would be, great food, nice atmosphere, it's where the locals go.

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    1. re: tesnjen

      thanks tesnjen,

      I will definitely check out Little Bear Inn

      How does Senator's Steakhouse at Terry Bison Ranch compare- is it worth going there too?

    2. Here's a report for Poor Richard's.

      You're smart to start your research now for finding bison. When I was in WY last summer, it was not easy to find.