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May 27, 2012 07:19 PM

Where are the best dill pickles in the Twin Cities?

I am planning on trying to make my own pickles this summer - so I am in search of some great Kosher Dill pickles for inspiration. I like the Claussen Kosher Dill pickles - but I assume there are probably better tasting ones available. Does any one have any favorite deli pickles in the Twin Cities (preferably Minneapolis or western metro)

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  1. in a jar at whole foods. the 360 brand.

    1. I have tried many pickles over the past couple years, and honestly I still prefer Clausen or Nathan's. I should have been keeping a list or something, but I haven't. Whenever I see a pickle I haven't tried, I've bought it. And Clausen is still at the top of the list. Bubbie's are downright disgusting.

      <Bracing for the backlash on this opinionated subject>

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        Not from me - I completely agree regarding Bubbie's. I kept hearing great things about them and so when I saw them in the market, I got excited and purchased them. It was such a disappointment! They sat in my fridge for a year and then I just tossed them. Currently, I have Clausen's in my fridge and they satisfy me just fine.

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          Claussen's are easily my favorite too.

        2. They change from year to year, but I have enjoyed the State Fair winners that Gedney's has produced. (Not sure of a better way to describe that setup: Gedney's works with the blue ribbon winners from the MN State Fair to produce pickles according to their winning recipe, and then distributes them to grocery stores. Jams, too.)

          Although they do not publish the exact recipe, it helps to know that these commercially-produced pickles rely on ingredients that are available to home cooks.

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            I agree. Gedney's for me, too. I also like their Jalapeno Babies. Man, that's weird to type...

            Tangent - I also like Gedney Preserves State Fair Cherry . Too sweet probably, but perfect for PBJs.

          2. McClure's. They have them at the St Paul cheese shop at Snelling and Grand. There is a location in MPLS also but I have never been to that one. Best pickles I have ever had.

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            1. I really like the half-sours at Mort's deli. I usually buy a pound or two and get lots of juice to drink with it.

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              1. re: shoo bee doo

                Thanks for the great suggestions. I have been meaning to try McClure's pickles. They have them at France 44 - I definitely need to stop by. I am not sure I have tried a half sour pickle before, but it's going on the list.

                Galewskj, where are you finding Nathen's pickles? Are they refridgerater pickles? That seems to be the big advantage of the Clausen - very crunchy!!