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May 27, 2012 07:05 PM

Dover Sole

Where in NYC?

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  1. La Grenouille, served with mustard sauce, fabulous, and one of the last surviving classic French Grande Dames to boot!

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      1. re: City Kid

        Dover Sole at La Grenouille is maybe one of the more iconic dishes in the country.

        1. re: Hey19

          A friend of mine went to Artisanal last week where the Dover Sole was a special. He said it was priced at $80 so passed on it,

        2. re: City Kid

          I ordered Dover Sole at La Grenouille last fall, and I'm pretty sure that is not what I got. I was presented with a fillet, not the whole fish, and it tasted pretty much like nothing. If you're paying the price, I suggest you demand that the fish be served whole, so that you can assure yourself that it is the real deal.

          1. re: pikawicca

            At La Grenouille they filet it tableside so if you want to take a good look you can. I would be amazed if they misrepresented something that they are perhaps best known for .

            1. re: City Kid

              This might be their usual practice, but when I ordered it last November, they brought the fish out already filleted, and as I said above, I really do not believe that it was Dover Sole. I was shocked that they would do such a thing, but they did.

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                I've had the Dover Sole the last three times we've been to La Grenouille, and Mr. R. has had it twice. It is always about the same size and always has the same extraordinarily delicious flavor.

                The Dover sole is one of La Grenouille's signatures. I've never heard of it happening, but if they were out of it, they wouldn't serve you a substitute without informing you. So, what you had was definitely Dover sole.

                I think your confusion stems from the fact that when they present the whole fish, there is no head or tail. BUT the bone is still in it. They take it to the prep station for filleting and plating. (There is not enough room to do this tableside.)

                Photo of whole Dover sole being presented:

                The plated dish contains the 4 filets + the haricots verts accompaniment. The mustard sauce is spooned tableside, and the sauceboat is left on the table so that more sauce may be added if desired (and we definitely do desire!!).

                Photo of plated Dover sole with mustard sauce:


        3. Artisanal has a daily special, I believe on Wednesdays. Never had it, but been planning to take Mrs. Coasts after a failed expedition in Paris.

          1. Smith and Wollensky serve a beautiful Dover Sole.

            1. I had a fantastic Dover Sole at Keens. In fact, I don't think I've ever had ANYTHING at Keens that wasn't fantastic.

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                Interesting related link:

                I've had excellent imported Dover sole this year at Marea and at Scalinatella, which rarely gets mentioned on this forum, but has very good food.