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May 27, 2012 03:46 PM


Any thoughts on Seablue by Michael Mina, Joe's Stone Crab, or Nobhill Tavern for a seafood diiner?

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  1. Of the two Michael Mina restaurants, Seablue and Nobhill Tavern, I would recommend Seablue above NT for seafood. Nobhill has a smaller seafood selection, but is priced lower (sides are included in the price of some/most entrees; not the cast at Seablue). Michael Mina's properties do a great job with seafood - can't comment on Joe's Stone Crab as we haven't eaten there.

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    1. Bartolota hands down the best seafood in Vegas.

      1. Agree about Bartolota..
        Friends love the Palace Station Seafood Bar..have not been but they owning resto's say it was fab and who would of thunk..

        1. I also agree that Bartolotta is hands-down the best seafood in Vegas. With that being said, it's incredibly expensive and maybe not exactly what you're looking for based on the options you mentioned. Of your three choices, I would pick Nobhill by a mile. I've had a number of excellent experiences there. They do an outstanding iced seafood platter, you can get Michael Mina's signature lobster pot pie, and there are always quite a few other fish/seafood entrees to choose from. I've always had great service there as well.

          On the other hand, I just tried Seablue for the first time and absolutely hated it. Drinks were awful, food was awful and service was worse than that. Maybe (?) it was an off night, but I'd never recommend it to anyone.

          You could also consider Morel's in Palazzo or Bouchon in Venetian for great options for a seafood dinner.