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May 27, 2012 03:39 PM

Vancouver 3 Day visit - on a budget


My wife and I are taking a 3 day visit to Vancouver. Last time we were there we ate at Guu (the one on Thurlow) several times and had a blast. We loved the food so much we wanted to try everything. We have been putting together a list of places (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) that we want to try but would love to hear your suggestions.

We are definitely going back to Guu, and we want to try Hapa Izakaya, Ramen Santouka, Café Medina, and we're dying for bagels so we are going to try Siegel's Bagels on Granville Isl. It seems like Caffè Artigiano or Milano Coffee Roasters would be good for morning espresso.

We are staying downtown and won't have a car but we love to walk so walking down Robson to Denman is not a problem.

Marfa, TX

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  1. Miko on Robson has great sushi. Ask the server (not the itamae) for recommendations. Order everything a la carte. Bring money.

    I'm decidedly no longer a fan of Artigiano (too corporate, threw out the last beverage I bought at one) and am unfamiliar with Milano. There are a few places downtown that serve 49th Parallel which is pretty good, not sure if any are near your hotel though.

    If you're at Siegel's early enough, try the rock salt and rosemary bagel.

    1. If you're already in the area of Cafe Medina, you can also check out the spots around that part of the city: Revolver (coffee), another iteration of Guu on Water St., nuba for Mediterranean, Meat and Bread as well as Finch's for sandwiches.

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        Brekkie/lunch heaven for a budget-highly recommended by many here

      2. Nook on Denman is worth trying for casual Italian. If Neapolitan pizza is your thing, Nicli Antica Pizzeria near gastown is one of my local favorites. Kingyo on Denman is another choice for Izakaya and they have good selection for lunch as well. Also can't beat Bella Gelateria for gelato on a warm summer day.. just my two cents :-0