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May 27, 2012 03:38 PM

Any good restaurants for moms & babies in Pasadena?

I'm new to Pasadena and looking for some locations to have a gathering with my friends and their babies.

We will be probably about 10 adults + kids (younger than one year old). Preferably outside seating with some flexibility if someone cries. I can think of some restaurants like LGO Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen... but need more ideas. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Most non-chain restaurants will be limited by high chair # (unless people bring their own seats). I really like Porta Via's patio (and food!), but you do have to wait to order at the counter which could be a pain w/ babies. The patio at Saladang Song is nice, and the lunch (and weekend) crowd won't mind some noise. Depending on where you are in Pasadena, Pizza Place California in north San Gabriel near the mission has decent pizza, good wine, and a usually-deserted patio. Drawing a blank on other places - what works for you guys in other parts of L.A.? (assuming you're from here).

    1. while i'm not a big fan of the restaurant Il Fornaio may fit your bill. there's outdoor seating and i've seen many families with crying children there. the patio is nice bc it faces the courtyard and you can even walk in the courtyard and come back to your seat if needed. the food there has been hit or miss but i suppose you can't go wrong with some penne and sauce. if 10 people or more you can probably even get a private room so the kids can cry all they want and parents don't have to feel self conscious that they're bothering the other diners. i do think LGO especially the pizza restaurant may be your best bet. not a great patio but there is one.

      1. Mike and Anne's

        Cheval Blanc

        Green Street


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          Green Street does really nice catering for a group lunch - if it works that you could have a group over to one of your houses (could be more comfortable if there are a *lot* of babies to wrangle). I was really pleasantly surprised. Everyone and their sister loves the Dianne Salad, and it travels well; and I had a rare steak sandwich at a catered affair that was perfect.

        2. Congregation ale house.

          The food's "OK", nothing to write home about (as is most of Pasadena), and not as good as the "other" beer pub in Pas, but there's plenty of outdoor bench seating, and they don't care if there are babies bouncing off the walls.

          It's also an order-at-counter followed by bussed food kinda place, which really works because there won't be evil eyes constantly coming by to check on your self-conscious party.

          More importantly, I don't know how others survive kids, but they have a very decent draft list, and nobody will judge you if your'e double fisting 10MO + an IPA. Of note: beer coasters can be rather entertaining for an infant.

          1. If you're into Chinese food, there are many Chinese restaurants in Arcadia and Alhambra. No one would really care if your babies cry. If you get dim sum, no one would be able to hear them above the din.

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