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May 27, 2012 03:16 PM

Craving a Mai Tai

No idea why I'm craving a Mai Tai after all these years, but I am. Anyone know of a restaurant in the Twin Cities that offers them? I checked Psycho Suzy's because I thought I remembered they featured Mai Tais, but no luck. Many Polynesian drinks on their website but no Mai Tai. Help!

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  1. Red Dragon definitely has them. I wouldn't recommend the food, but the drinks are good, and, as I recall, kind of enormous.

    1. I'm 90% sure that Psycho Suzy's will make you a good Mai Tai's (its a tiki bar - almost required!) but here are a few other places that make them decently:
      Roat Osha
      Amazing Thailand
      The King & I
      Tum Rup Thai

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        Roat's are decent and are a few bucks off during happy hour. Leaning Tower of Pizza also has Mai Tais, although they aren't very good. If you go to the Red Dragon and get one, you might as well buck up and get a Wonderous Punch. Just make sure you aren't the one driving.

      2. Psycho Suzy's does have them - for some bizarre reason the "simple" drinks are listed on their wine menu on their website. (I remembered when I ordered a Daiquiri a few weeks ago there that was also hidden in a weird part of their menu.)

        1. Oh man! If you want quite possibly the BEST Mai Tai you have had in your lifetime, do yourself a HUGE favor and head over to Marvel Bar on a Sunday night, walk up to bartender Meghan, and ask her for one. It's the classic cocktail recipe. Complex, refreshing, and utterly perfect. If you're used to the contemporary evolution of the drink--sugary and saccharine sweet--this is not for you. Otherwise, I promise you will not regret it!

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            Ooooh, that sounds perfect. I don't know why everyone is making such sweet cocktails these days (apparently people love them) but they're not for me. I'll definitely give Marvel a try. Thanks!