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New PC Insider's Report

Just looking over the products. Anyone tried any of the new things? Wondering about the Pretzel Buns.

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  1. Tried the hot dog pretzel buns, quite liked them. I found warming the whole bun in a toaster oven (or BBQ if outside) was more effective than sawing in half and toasting both interior and exterior of bun. The exterior gets nice and crisp, the interior stays soft and doesn't dry out as much.

    Pro - nice and crispy exterior, doughy goodness
    Con - has a tendency to split and fall apart, maybe too firm?

    I think they work well for sausages (tried it with several different types from Healthy Butcher). I think they may detract from a burger experience where a crispy exterior on the bun may interfere with texture. I'll still give it a try. I would also give them a try with other fillings, they might actually be more interesting with a good smoked meat?

    1. I wonder if these are close to kimmelweck buns used for that famous "beef on weck" in Buffalo?

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        Not even a little bit. A pretzel bun (and from what I can see, the PC version is the same sort I'm familiar with) is effectively an unsalted soft pretzel, scaled up to bun size. Lighter, fluffier, dark exterior but not crusty. Delightful in its own way.

        Kimmelweck rolls are not nearly as dark, and have salt and caraway. I seriously doubt you will ever find a proper beef on weck outside of western NY - there are just not enough outsiders that like it. Shame.

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          Agree about the buns. I had them a few weeks ago, not even close to "weck" but not too bad in the long run. Not too heavy and will hold up during a burger serving.

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            After I posted I realized the Kimmel would be missing. I wasn't expecting the buns to not have the salt.

        2. I bought the plants for the Bumble Berry Pie (2x Blackberry plants, 1 Raspeberry bush, 3x blue berry plants). They all seem to have taken well and are growing nicely. I will report on the results in August.

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            You won't get more than a handful of berries off each bush this year, it will be 2013 or 14 before you have a pie's worth

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              Tried one of the new Ice Cream flavours which were on sale today at $2.99 in a freezer at the entrance of the Yonge/St Clair loblaw's market. Disappointing - the PB & Jam flavour - anemic taste of peanut butter and tiny short strips of jam - both elements need boosting. Anyone tried any of the other flavours, some of which are new and some continuing?

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                Last summer I got some of their marshmallow flavour (can't remember the name). I was hoping for something akin to Greg's roasted marshmallow and was very disappointed. It was sweet and flat. I also got the cotton candy and birthday cake for the kids. I know they are kid flavours, but they were so over the top sweet most of the kids didn't finish them and my 2 didn't ask for them again. I wound up throwing out what was left in the tubs.
                Despite all that, I now have a tub of gold medal ribbon sitting in my fridge. I love that flavour and I got sucked in by the sale price of $2.99. I have yet to try it, but I'll post again if it's any good.

                1. re: cheesymama

                  have not yet had a 'special' ice cream from PC that is good.

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                mmm handfull of berries. I am sold. Oooh or mini pies.

            2. The avocado mayo/spread is pretty good, though a pinch of lime juice or sriracha will make it work better.

              1. The caramelized onion relish is pretty good -- a little bit sweeter than I'd like (it's almost marmalade-esque), but tasty. The Sofrito is essentially salsa, but it's good.

                The two new avocado dressings, on the other hand, were pretty disappointing. I'm a big fan of avocados, but both had a really weak avocado taste. The Lime and Jalapeno one is particularly bad -- it has a really strong bottled lime flavour, and honestly just tastes kind of foul. The other one is basically inoffensive, but it's nothing I'd repeat.

                1. The cheese is the single worst PC product they've ever sold. It's like plastic. No, that would be n insult to plastic.

                  Dave would never have allowed such a thing.

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                    Are you referring to the 8 year old cheddar? If so, I'm surprised as I think that's terrific.

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                      I had both the hamburg and hotdog pretzel buns and really liked them both. Not to bready and don't fall apart.

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                        Ditto Helen. I really hate shopping at Loblaws because IMHO they have zero focus on service. That said, we'll stop in to pick up this cheese. In fact, we did so today and picked up some of their new (refrigerated) condiments at the same time.

                    2. I had the S'Mores pie. Was very good.

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                      1. tried the peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. i would describe it as a plain ice cream base with ribbons of oversweet peanutty flavour (that did not taste or feel like peanut butter) and crumbly chocolatey bits (that did not taste or feel like chocolate). it was a fail imo. baskin robbins peanut butter and chocolate still rules. or just a good chocolate topped with pb out of a jar.

                        is this part of a shift to more tame flavours with pc? i have tried almost every variety of the ripple chips that come in the white bag (chili, schezuan, bbq, baked potato, piri-piri, etc. etc.) and with the exception of the tandoori, they all disappoint. memories of... mild?

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                          I actually quite like the jerk chicken chips which I believe are new this year. Decent heat and not too sweet, actual jerk flavour (I find a lot of the "ethnic" flavours taste like barbecue). I try a lot of these flavours for fun & novelty, this is the first flavour I have bought a second bag of next time I was at the store.

                        2. I love the smores pie...the cudleighs (ie apple blossoms) make those pies, and they are great. I tried a prototype in the winter, and then bought one a few weeks ago. So tasty.
                          The avocado mayo lasted a week in my fridge..with siracha..put it on everything.