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May 27, 2012 02:24 PM

Winery suggestions for Chalk Hill, Knights Valley and Dry Creek Valley?

With all of the amazing feedback I received from a previous post seeking advice and suggestions for wineries and restaurants in the Carneros area, I have returned to obtain advisement for these areas.

My boyfriend and I, along with two other couples will be staying in Healdsburg at the end of June for the weekend and would greatly appreciate some winery suggestions! We all love unique, off-the-beaten-path places. We are very laid back, go with the flow and have a deep appreciation for all good wine.

We would like to explore Chalk Hill and Knights Valley one day, and Dry Creek and Alexander Valley the next day. We know that the latter areas are much larger, but since we have already spent some time in those areas, we would like to devote a day to the smaller, unique areas of the former.

To give a feel for our taste, here are a few wineries that we have enjoyed in the area: Fieldstone, Jordan, Quivera, Raymond Burr, Robert Young
Other wineries that we have enjoyed in other AVAs are places like Adastra and Scribe; unique wines in a more personal setting.

Here's what we have come up with so far. We haven't yet found any for Dry Creek. Please suggest any others you feel would be more our taste and feel free to yay or nay any. Thank you!

Chalk Hill
Chateau Felice
Albini Family Vineyards

Knights Valley
Peter Michael Winery
Hans Fahden Vineyard

Alexander Valley
Coyote Crest Vineyards & Winery
Medlock Ames
Mojons Bench

Dry Creek/Healdsburg
Open for suggestions!

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  1. Nice list coming together. In the vicinity, I would opt for Woodenhead, MacPhail, William Selyem. You might also try Starlite--owner is a great guy and unlike the others Pinot centric production, he's produced a great Zin and a very nice Cab.

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      Is Williams Selyem open to the general public? I know for a while they were not. Hopefully that has changed.

      1. re: toddpinsf

        Wonderful suggestions! MacPhail sounds right up our alley as well as Starlite, which looks really quaint and pretty. Unfortunately, William Selyem is not open to the public.

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          You're right about Selyem--it's a shame because the new facility is pretty amazing. Can't go wrong with the other two, say hello to Arman at Starlite from Todd P. Forgot one fun stop on 128 - Jimtown Store is known for its Brie and chopped olive sandwich. It's worth driving over for just that, and they've got many other interesting goodies. Have fun :)

      2. A couple of threads with more suggestions:

        Arnot Roberts in Healdsburg is another one you may want to try (appt only).

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          Thank you for those links! Looked into Arnot Roberts..looks like amazing wine. Will have to schedule an appointment to visit their tasting room.

        2. Bella (for zinfandels) and Preston (for Rhone blends) are two top producers that are also very pleasant to visit. Picnics at Preston can be very enjoyable -- they sell some stuff there (particularly some excellent bread), but you would probably want to hit the Dry Creek general store on Dry Creek Road/

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            Warning about Preston picnic grounds, (and I'm sorry to harp on this), but I feel it warrants saying. There are about 4 cats on the property, and they are shameless about climbing over the table, sitting on the benches, begging, sniffing the food etc.

            I like cats, so with some shooing and firm nos, we were able to pleasantly co-exist.

            1. re: SFDude

              Thank you for those recs! We have visited Bella before. We fell in love with Preston, just looking at the pictures, so we are definitely planning a visit there. Can't wait! Have also hit the Dry Creek General store which we also love. Great idea to pick up lunch and picnic at Preston!