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May 27, 2012 02:15 PM

Near Hotel 71

We are staying at Hotel 71 near the river in a few weeks. Looking for recs nearby for a group of 20 to celebrate my son's engagement.

We'd like something similar to Hopleaf or Fork for unique gastro pub choices and a good variety of craft beers.

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  1. I'd start with Farmhouse, on Chicago and Franklin. The beer list speaks for itself and I've heard good things about the food. No idea how well they would handle a large-ish group so I'd give them a call.

    Oh, and the Publican (duh!). A group your size may prove difficult, but if you called them up I'm sure they would be happy to try and work something out with you.

    There's also The Gage. I don't think the beer list is much to write home about (it's fine but it's hardly a craft beer destination) but the food is pretty well done. Not the most adventurous gastropub-like menu, compared to the Publican or Longman & Eagle, for example, but it's tasty. I suspect they might be best equipped to handle a party of your size.

    If you're willing to leave the downtown area, The Bristol, in Bucktown, would be worth a phone call, as well. It's a very short cab ride from your hotel and really nails the gastropub/craft beer concept.

    1. Also, try Chicago Q! They have an interesting space in their upstairs for large groups.