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May 27, 2012 01:34 PM

LA variety, 3 day weekend: Mozza, 7th Ray, Pann's, Chou Chou, Din Tai Fung, and _____?

We used to live in LA full time, still come back for summers. This is our first weekend back, and we're doing a Chow-tour. Variety is the theme here! Trendy/classic, sophisticated/everyman, can't miss/quirky, African-American/Asian-American, obvious/unexpected.

Looking for the most creative, Chow-worthy option for our one last meal!

Here are a few I've considered:
Johnny Rebs
Tasting Kitchen
Ye Rustic Inn
Tito's Tacos
La Serenata Garibaldi

Price, geography, prestige are all totally irrelevant.
Let's see how outside the box we can get!

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  1. Go to Red Medicine. Review this thread for "throw away the box" suggestions:

    1. Of that list, Providence would be the top pick, followed by Tasting Kitchen and, maybe, La Serenata. The others on your list are eminently skippable. Others to consider include Animal (can't miss/quirky), Bludso (bbq), Elite or Sea Harbour (dim sum), Jitlada (Thai), Meals By Genet (Ethiopian), Babita or Mole de los Dioses (modern Mexican), Park's (Korean bbq), Picca (modern Peruvian), Red Medicine (mentioned by Servorg, modern Vietnamesesque), Rivera or Playa (Southwestern, the latter more casual from the owner of Rivera), Shunji or Mori (Japanese), and Spice Table (modern Singaporean/Vietnamese). Of course, if price is truly irrelevant, Urasawa (Japanese kaiseki).

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      1. re: New Trial

        New Trial very good list, I would just add Gjelina, both Mozza's, Langer's Deli & Ricky's Fish Tacos.

        1. re: wienermobile

          I am crazy about Fish Grill tacos in Malibu. Mesquite grilled/delicious salsa et al,
          Fish Grills are available at several other L.A. locations:

          Also I second (or third) Providence, Red Med, Tasting Kitchen and esp Meals by Genet. The rest including Serenata Gerabaldi are skippable. I also like Tiato.
          Did you recently read of the Langer's letdown? Good ole 19 wasn't so good lately

          1. re: VenusCafe

            I was at Langer's last week and was not letdown at all, still wonderful and my favorite sandwich in all of Los Angeles.

        2. re: New Trial

          I totally agree with you, that purely from a food quality perspective, Providence would be the top choice, and arguably some of the ones on my list are of questionable Chow-worthiness. But my goal here is VARIETY -- crazy variety -- of dining experience. I would put Providence in the Mozza category, which we've already done.

          My goal is not to find the BEST place in town (especially on a holiday weekend), or to compile the MOST options (although I plan to work my way down Servorg's and New Trial's lists). I just want to fill the blank a totally different experience -- something you can only get in LA, and unlike everything else already on the list (see Title).

          As an example of a soul-fulfilling, LA-affirming experience, last night at Inn of the Seventh Ray, a server told us a story of how patrons have asked them to "turn down the frogs." Aided as I was by my nice 2005 Vieux Telegraph Chateauneauf-du-Pape, I was already feeling euphoric, but her anecdote made me LOL and proclaim "ONLY In LA!!!" :-)

          1. re: bakersjoe

            We were the first couple ever married at 7th Ray, and it has undergone MANY changes, many
            WEIRD changes. Recently they have added a high end chef or two.
            Please tell us of your Euphoric evening!

          2. re: New Trial

            I feel compelled to add one paragraph in defense of Ye Rustic Inn...

            If you have planned a family vacation to Buffalo, NY for the sole purpose of experiencing the original Buffalo wing, you wouldn't have as much disdain for Ye Rustic, the only place in California that gets authentic Buffalo wings right. Although I'll admit our family has a much greater love/fanaticism/psychiatric Axis 1 disorder for Buffalo wings than your typical Chowhound.

          3. I highly recommend the following (in no particular order):

            Kiriko (or Sushi Iki)
            Mozza (Pizzeria and Osteria)
            Langer's Deli

            1. Maybe Dan Sung Sa for Korean. Hehe.

              Sounds like a fun crawl.