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May 27, 2012 01:13 PM

Sunday in Naples - Best Pizza?

We will be on a cruise that makes one of its final stops on a Sunday in Naples. We'll only be in town for the daytime and we've been before, so are going to skip the trips to Pompeii, Capri, etc. What we'd like to go instead is go (with our kids) for a great Naples pizza experience. Not sure how being in port on a Sunday will affect our choices. I think a few are closed? Would love for 'hound input to get us to the best spot in terms of pizza, location and overall experience. Any favorite gelato spots to top off our outing would be fab. Thanks!

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  1. Starita a Materdei is open on Sunday.
    They are mentioned frequently as one of the best in town. I haven't been to he Naples location but have been to the NYC location they opened in March (5 times). It's great here. I am planning to go when I am back in Naples in July.

    My favorite - Di Matteo is closed on Sunday.
    Sorbillo is closed Sunday.
    Not sure about Trianon.
    Not sure about La Notizia.