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May 27, 2012 11:20 AM

Birthday for OC girl


I am looking to make reservations for my daughter and her friends for a restaurant that has a "fun" atmosphere in the Orange County area. She is turning 16 and has opted to going out to dinner instead of the Sweet 16 party.
She really wanted to go to Dick's Last Resort, but has discovered the only one is in the Gas Lamp District in San Diego. That would be quite a haul for us with all her friends. We are in the Dana Point area.

Please help as we have only 2 weeks....

Thank you,


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What does "fun" mean to her? I've never heard of Dick's. What's your price point? Are there certain types of cuisines or foods she likes in particular?

      1. Marrakesh in Costa Mesa/Newport is fun. The food is not great, but you sit on the floor, eat with your hands, and the place is draped with all sorts of fabric to make it look like a tent...

        Another direction would be to eat at the Beachcomber, literally right on the beach in Crystal Cove. With 7 months of advance planning, you can rent one of the cabins and do a sleepover, but they are booked for the summer for lodging.

        1. Benehana's by John Wayne Airport for a small number of girls (I think the tables hold 8 or 10). Or the Yard House in Fashion Island or the Irvine Spectrum for a larger party. The girls would love to look around the shopping areas before or after.

          1. Anqi in Costa Mesa has a trendy and sometimes fun atmosphere. If they order the molecular menu that could be fun and exciting for the right people.