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May 27, 2012 10:03 AM

Non-LA style sushi, oysters in Sherman Oaks, Studio City Area?

By non-LA style, I mean nothing creative, no ponzu, no shiso etc. Just straight up fish.
Fresh fish
Larger cuts preferred (as opposed to traditional Japanese dainty sensibilities)
Sashimi preferred
Fresh wasabi- the real deal
Favorites: otoro, chutoro, fresh uni in shell, wild salmon, albacore, hamachi, kampachi...
Bonus if it is on the more moderate side of pricing. I realize that with what I like to eat and the amount I like to eat and drink, I'm looking at 3 figures but I would prefer to spend closer to $100 rather than 2 or $300.

Also looking for a good, reasonably priced fresh oyster place. I recently ate at a seafood store in manhattan that had a counter and a few bar stools where they served expertly shucked oysters (maximum liquor, minimal shell pieces) with a perfect mignonette at very low prices- happy hour had $1 blue points.


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    1. Have you tried Bizen on Ventura Blvd? Not the top tier but certainly quite good.

      1. Sushi Iki in Tarzana is probably the best sushi option that fits your bill. The fish is excellent quality -- probably the best in the valley -- and the slices are much larger than the norm. The two downsides are the limited offerings and the price. Some of the items come only in live offerings only and even the nigiri price points are higher than most other restaurants in the area. However, the price is offset a bit by the size of the slices.