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May 27, 2012 09:52 AM

Paris Hotel Bar for Cocktails

Am looking for advise on which of the grand hotel bars
to visit for pre-dinner cocktails one evening. I visited
the George V in the past and it was lovely. Am wondering
if I should return or try a new spot? Thanks!

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  1. L'Hôtel, on rue des Beaux Arts.
    When you enter, don't forget to look up at the discreet yet stunning atrium. Most visitors miss it.
    Oscar Wilde, who famously died there, is supposed to have posed by the atrium but I can never find the photo.

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    1. re: Parigi

      That is extremely gratifying to hear Parigi as we start our honeymoon at L'Hotel next week. A bit odd that you can request the bedroom where he died (we did not).

      Am I wrong in recalling that the Hemingway bar closed? Someone at work mentioned it.

      1. re: ManInTransit

        My informant has advised that the Hemimgway bar is indeed closed and a new bar is in it's place. Sorry. I was hoping to stop by myself.

        1. re: Kiwibloke

          Oops, the two bars closed earlier this month. The Bar Vendome is open but that is more restaurant than bar. I guess these are two of the rehab projects coming for the Ritz.

        2. re: ManInTransit

          Re l'¨Hôtel, why not request the suite where Mick and Bianca stayed?

          1. re: Parigi

            That sounds rather fun, I wonder if they keep a list behind reception of the famous individual rooms. Apparently the rooms differ rather a lot but we are at the whims of some sort of guaranteed upgrade scheme.

      2. We are partial to the Meurice bar, and the Hemingway bar (Ritz) for a Martini or two. Proper dress is encouraged.

        1. The Metropolitan Radisson, on place de Mexico, is not the most famous hotel in Paris, but the bar (upstairs) is run by one of the most interesting bartenders I've ever known.

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          1. re: Ptipois

            For my wife and me, it's the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome as our favorite hotel bar in Paris. By far.

            The decor and ambiance are understated, almost minimalist yet luxurious in the Ed Tuttle (think Aman resorts) designed lobby space. The cocktail list is long and is meticulously prepared by the well trained staff. The crowd is 50% chic Parisian and 50% foreign business/leisure visitors. Upscale but not formal or pretentious .

            Very interesting, delicious and repeatable place to sip and enjoy.