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May 27, 2012 09:43 AM

Rum suggestions for baking only

Anyone can recommend a good rum that would work in cakes and quick breads but is not extremely expensive. I like the flavor alcohol gives baked goods but otherwise I don't drink alcohol so I want a good rum that would serve its purpose.


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  1. I don't drink either and my partner doesnt drink dark rum (which would be the best for cooking), so we don't have it in the house. But if we did, I think I'd go for a mid-range one like Captain Morgan (although cheapskate that I am, it would probably mean I'd buy supermarket own label and be done with it)

    1. i'm not a rum drinker, but bake with captain morgan's or meyer's. reasonably priced and taste just fine in stuff like banana breads.

      generic label rums are truly terrible.

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          I'll be on the lookout for those brands when I hit the stores. Any specific bottle in particular? Some recipes say dark rum others don't specify so is it better to find something labeled dark rum and used whenever rum is needed.

          Yes i'd stay away from things produced under the supermarket labels cause at least here in FL those are never good!

        2. You definitely want a dark rum for cooking and baking in order to get the flavor. I absolutely use Meyer's. The light rum (that looks like water) is used for drinks like pina colada and daquiri. You won't get Meyer's all that cheap but you don't use much and a bottle will last you for years if you just use a couple of tablespoons in an icing or a filling. BTW a shot (or even a tablespoon if you don't drink and just want the flavor) of Meyer's is also nice in hot chocolate on a cold winter night.